New Fable 2 Achievements

Console Monster writes: "We have just added the new Achievements for Fable 2 on the Xbox 360. The achievements relate to "Knothole Island" – the name of the new downloadable content for Fable 2 released on Monday 22nd December 2008. The content will cost 800 Microsoft Points and will coincide with a patch which allows co-operative play (available to all players).

The list contains 3 new achievements worth 75 GamerScore:

The Collector - 25 GamerScore
Acquire all the mystery items in The Box of Secrets shop, or see another Hero do so.

The Meteorologist - 50 GamerScore
Bring all of Knothole Island's weather problems under control, or help another Hero to do so.

The Bibliophile - 25 GamerScore
Find all the books detailing the history of Knothole Island, or help another Hero to do so..."


"The list contains 3 new achievements worth 75 GamerScore..." changed to: "The list contains 3 new achievements worth 100 GamerScore..."

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Pebz3595d ago

25 + 50 + 25 = 75? *frown*

DeFFeR3595d ago

25+50+25 = 75? riiiight. awesome, this goes great for your credibility as a reporting news site.

or not.

PuttyGod3595d ago

Ehhh, they're gonna milk these arent they...

PureGamer3595d ago

im buying it sounds good. If i have the us version do i have to buy the us version of the content?