The First Ever Third-Party PS5 Controller Has Been Announced

Scuf announces its first third-party PS5 controllers with the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS.

CaptainHenry916664d ago

The same price as the Xbox Elite 2

BQ32664d ago

No the elite 2 is only 170 but can be had for 140 over the holidays

Orbilator664d ago

They dropped price of series 2 to get rid of it cause it's so unreliable. Call me a liar.

Orchard663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

@Orbilator Okay, calling you a liar unless you have a reliable source on that?

Also, wouldn't that be completely illogical? If it's that unreliable AND they sell it at a discounted price, those controllers are still under the exact same warranty and therefore the losses when having to replace them are even worse.

It's more likely they're selling them at a discount because the vast majority of console gamers buy a standard controller and aren't willing to spend that much on a controller (if they even buy a second controller...)

bouzebbal663d ago

Should be cheaper than the original if they want demand

Orchard663d ago

@Orbilator I read the article twice, no where does it say they dropped the price due to unreliability?

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thesoftware730664d ago

Price too high, and It's not even from Sony themselves.

I second the...Pass.

sagapo664d ago

Scuf is very good and customisable but yeah, it comes with a price.

SullysCigar663d ago

Would be nice if there was an alternative stick configuration for those that prefer offset sticks. Doesn't affect me personally, as I like them how they are on DualSense, but a mate of mine struggles having been Xbox-only for so long.

Magog664d ago

Isn't that a dating app company?

Neonridr664d ago

Scuf has been around for a long time. I had one of their controllers for my PS4. Expensive, but great that you can customize it. The build quality isn't fantastic considering what you are paying though.

Magog663d ago

Actually I was making a joke about Scruff.

iraqmilner664d ago

Those are sharp looking controllers, I'll give them that. They are out of their flipping minds if they think most will fork out hundreds of dollars for them, though.

Outlawzz664d ago

Idk wt the flip is going on here !

n1kki6664d ago

I don't think that they think "most" people will fork out that much money. They are obviously a niche company with a niche luxury and performance mind controller.

Teflon02664d ago

Same reason I don't think the elite control for Xbox is great. The price. There's no reason they gotta be that expensive. The prices are just for adding luxury. Not because it costs a whole bunch more. I actually like the controller though. Controls here in Canada are like 70-90 120 is the max I'd pay for these "pro" controllers if I bought lol

Dave1980663d ago

Well you pay a premium for a Lexus and it's just a glorified Toyota. Jags and Ford fusions are the same. Point is you pay more for a niche luxury

Magog663d ago

It's for streamers so they can pretend they are some sort of higher echelon of gamer.

BQ32663d ago

I they are mostly for tryhards in general. Believe it or not It it doesn’t just make you feel like cool better gamer it actually helps you be significantly better without ruing your hands trying to play claw. Not having to take your thumbs off the sticks is a huge advantage in shooters that combine movement with aiming and for other games like ufc require you to multiple top button combinations can be done much more comfortably either the back buttons. Triggerstops are also a big plus because it decreases the time it takes for your weapon to fire and those extra few milliseconds may be the difference in a win or loss outcome of a duel. I switched to m&k finally but I can never play a shooter on a controller without these features anymore. I would buy a pro controller just for the next last of us factions alone.