SCUF’s Reflex PS5 controller goes on sale next week

The SCUF Reflex is a brand new controller for the PlayStation 5 that comes in three flavors; Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS, goes on sale on December 7, 2021.

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VerminSC56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I wish they weren't so insanely expensive. I'd gladly pay double the price of the dual sense but 4 times is nuts. Thats 4 games!

Edit. I guess 3 times as much

Profchaos56d ago

Hope the quality is high the duelsense is far from I'm in my third controller one with stick drift and one with a broken R2 spring.

The new one has a clicking in the left analogue stick like it's rolling over a plastic nub.

So I'd consider paying that price if this one dies A
on me

arkard56d ago

They have year warranties.

Darkborn56d ago

I've had 2 duelsenses for a year and didn't have any issues. Maybe warranty it out?

Profchaos56d ago

Yeah have done fortunately eb Games have a no questions asked swap out for the duelsense I believe it's 2 years in Australia so I've gotten two replacements now for my original out of the box controller

oldenjon56d ago

Adaptive triggers are there but does it have the dual sense haptic feedback?