Halo Infinite Campaign Analysis Shows Xbox One X Resolution Much Higher Than Xbox Series S

Halo Infinite’s campaign doesn’t launch for a couple more days yet, but the pixel counters at various techie YouTube channels are already doing their jobs, and the results are interesting.

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RaidenBlack51d ago

Xbox Series S offers dynamic 1080p for its 60 FPS Mode while Xbox One X serves up dynamic 1440p for its 60 FPS Mode.

Zhipp51d ago

*120fps mode. Quality mode is still 60fps on series x.

Eonjay50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I think this happens because the One X has a GPU and memory advantage.

strifeblade50d ago

I think people are forgetting, the one x was meant for 4k tvs. The series s is meant for HD tvs. So the series s has graphics optimized for HD gameplay. The one x may have a higher resolution but is not producing higher graphical effects found on series s

Orchard51d ago

The situation is not as 100% clear cut as the headline makes out though.

- 1440p vs 1080p max res, but average is actually 1260p vs 1080p
- "The Series X/S do offer somewhat higher-poly geometry/terrain and improved shadows and effects compared to the One X/S"

So slightly lower res, but a more stable/consistently hit resolution and better visuals.

Dave198051d ago

Also better textures, greater lod, faster loading, and further draw distance on the ss.

This headline is just massive click bait. There's definitely more to a games graphics than just the resolution

NeoGamer23251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It really doesn't matter.

XSS is marketed as a "up to 1440p" console not 4K. It is only 4K for movie playback. XOX was marketed as a 4K console.

I have one regular HD TV where I have a XSS. It is perfectly fine for that TV. The only thing I wish was that it had a larger storage drive internally.

navi8751d ago

Who would of thought? The weaker system cant produce as high resolution....what a waste of time and effort.

porkChop50d ago

The Series S is pushing a slightly lower resolution while outputting a lot of higher graphics settings. It's doing far more work, so I wouldn't call that weaker.

dbcoops51d ago

So the weaker system is weaker, this is some hard hitting news right here.

gamer780451d ago

Yup still no slouch though especially those with 1080p tvs still or have the system on a secondary tv

DJStotty51d ago (Edited 51d ago )


No, the weaker system is still the weaker version, any understanding of resolution/fps/assets would realise this.

One X = higher resolution/lower assets to achieve 4K
Series S = lower resolution/higher quality assets

4K resolution means nothing if the assets are garbage

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TheDoomedGuy51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

So a slight change in asset quality somehow makes the series is more powerful?

Microsoft is taking advantage of you...just accept it. The series S is weaker in every aspect except the SSD. And slightly the CPU. Just slightly. Most games focus on vram now so it doesn't matter much.

DJStotty50d ago


You implied the Series S is the weaker console, which you implied incorrectly, don't be upset i saw right through your comment.


"The series S is weaker in every aspect except the SSD."

Someone else who does not understand that higher numbers, does not automatically mean better.

The Series S has faster/better RAM than the Xbox One X
The Series S has a faster/better GPU than the Xbox One X
The Series S has a faster/better CPU than the Xbox One X
The Series S has a faster Hard Drive than the Xbox One X

I implore you to research/learn about differences in components, i.e. GDDR differences, CPU clock speeds/threads/cores, and then you will realise "god damn, it is more powerful"

ocelot0751d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Still don't understand why they put a weaker GPU in the series s than what was in the old one x.

porkChop50d ago

It isn't weaker. It's a newer GPU architecture with features and such that the One X didn't support. It's more efficient, supports raytracing, machine learning, etc like the Series X. If they used the GPU from the One X that wouldn't be possible. Its lower in Tflops, but that measurement is only really comparable within the same GPU generation. On top of all that, the One X and Series S target different resolutions. It's not as simple as looking at tflops.

DJStotty50d ago


Another one that saw a lower Tflop number and assumed the GPU is weaker.

I really have high hopes for education on this site some day.

Orchard51d ago

The “weaker system” is running with higher quality visuals and effects overall, so your statement is incorrect, misleading and void 🤷

dbcoops51d ago Show
Orchard51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Glad we’re in agreeance - the weaker console somehow has better visuals overall.

And yes, no point starting a debate you know you will lose / based on shaky foundations.

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darkrider51d ago

The one x is more powerful then the s. That's why it runs at higher rez. It's that clear. But nothing. The one x got much higher bandwidth and ram. Of course it cost much more then the s. The only thing stopping the gap from being even bigger is the crappy jag cpu...

Ash01Live51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I agree, only if you cater your game around the GPU power and bandwidth, which is they did with this game because it's result of the Xbox one era. So they made design choices so that the crappy CPU of the old gen wouldn't be the bottleneck. So it would make sense that the GPU processes like resolution would be expressed in the one X's favor, and the advantage of CPU in the series s wouldn't be as obvious.

DJStotty51d ago


"The one x is more powerful then the s. That's why it runs at higher rez. It's that clear."

You just displayed your understanding or lack thereof, of console architecture with this statement.

darkrider51d ago

This topic already was talked a lot. The s is between the pro and the one x in terms of power. The architecture is diferent, but the diference in power and cu is huge, bandwidth also, ram also. More, if the one x run the game at the s rez the setting would be even higher. Sorry but something that can't run games locked at 1080p says it all. How many times you get dynamic 1080... What is sad is that the true potential of the scorpio console was never reached. Now it's just lazy conversion. Many don't understand how powerful it really is. Again only the cpu is crippling the machine.

DJStotty51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The Series S will be able to provide higher quality games than the One X, maybe not in terms of resolution, but when it comes to the basics of games, the quality will be higher on the Series S, because it is the more powerful system.

Ram does not dictate a systems power, 10 GB GDDR6 with 128-bit bus, 8 GB @ 224 GB/s, 2 GB @ 56 GB/s, is better than 12GB of GDDR5 RAM @ 6.8GHz w/ 326 GB/s bandwidth (bandwidth is the amount that can be sent to Ram at any time, higher bandwidth does not mean better)

GDDR6 has a faster handling time than GDDR5.

The Series S has a better CPU, at a faster clock speed.

The Series S has a better GPU, at a faster clock speed, based on RDNA2, but less CU's, less CU's does not mean it is "weaker" as overall, it is still faster.

The Xbox One X, is unable to output 120fps, whereas the Series S is.

Bottom line, denying, deflecting aside, the Series S is more powerful than the Xbox One X.


This details better than i could, but all you can do is try with some people.

Orchard51d ago

“ The one x is more powerful then the s. That's why it runs at higher rez”

So how do you explain the higher quality visuals on S?

It’s almost like you have no clue about game dev and have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about 😱

darthv7251d ago

Really the only thing weakers in the Series S compared to the One X is the amount of memory. while GDDR6 is faster than GDDR5, the capacity difference of 10gb vs 12gb is something the SS can't make up. CPU wise, the S is better and GPU wise they are on par with each other. 6tf of last gen is akin to 4tf of current gen.

If MS had stuck with 12gb of memory instead of 10 then every one X enhanced games could have remained exactly the same on the Series S where as some of them have to run as enhanced one S games instead. Series S really is the better of the two in terms of overall performance.

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