Forza Horizon 5 Review - You Might Assume I Favor the Game | Zyro-EG

Jason says, "You might assume I favor the game as a person who loves and works on my own cars. But what that actually does is make me more scrutinous. Fortunately, the game still survives my scrutiny, outweighing its own negatives with ease by focusing on a fun adventure. Yes, it’s not perfect, and yes if I really wanted to, I can find all sorts of tiny things to point out, graphics included, that could use a little “more”. But this is a game series that’s continued refining and polishing itself, and just like the paint on your car, the more time you put into taking care of it, the more it shines. This is THE shining example of the arcade sim racing experience in an open world, even if it can be a bit too “arcade” at times."

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Einhander197149d ago

It's not arcade enough for me personally, to much driving around a pointless map. Just want proper racing like Motorstorm.

XbladeTeddy48d ago

Plenty to do while driving around. If you want to get to events there's always one close by.

FyBy48d ago

I agree. I tried every forza game last 4 years (motorsport and horizon). Still, its not so fun for me. Its not bad game. Its well built, has good graphics and there are many events. But perhaps...that is the problem. Im little tired of many many open world games with many many events. I like racing games with progression. But I dont like cruising around map searching for events. Its probably good game for many people. For me, its average like other Forzas. And thats of course very subjective.

47d ago