Gamepyre Review: Spiderman Web of Shadows

Gamepyre writes: "Once again, you, Peter Parker or Spiderman (whichever identity you like to go by) is stuck in the middle of chaos. Not only do you have to deal with the everyday city violence, but now you have to fight hordes of alien invaders as well. What a day!

Only this time you are not alone. In the prologue you are faced with the biggest bad-boy on the block, Brock (aka. Venom). Venom is mean and evil and full of alien superpowers, and in the middle of your rumble with him, a piece of the Venom suit gets attached to you; once again. As much as you know that the dark side is a lonely place, you can't help yourself to embrace the power. If the Venom suit was a car, it would certainly be powered by a Hemi."

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