Ranking every single Spider-Man game on PlayStation

"I had tasked myself in the previous weeks of playing every single one of the web slinger’s numerous appearances on PlayStation platform. From the experimental days of open-world gaming to the numerous titles put out by Activision, we’ve ranked them from worst to greatest." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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septemberindecember1030d ago

I haven't played any others on this list, but Spiderman on the PS1 was an awesome game. The escape scene running away from a Carnage infested Doc Oc was intense. The screams were almost nightmare inducing as a kid.

gangsta_red1030d ago

Hell yeah! That was such an awesome scene.

Elimin81030d ago

I legit signed in just to agree with you guys. BEST Spiderman game ever. My Opinion! New one is shaping up nicely though!