Home Beta: Uncharted Access Codes

Two doors are locked by access codes in the Public Home Beta. Last Geek has the codes to unlock the door along with the info on what's behind them.

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rroded3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

if you go to drakes tavern on home go upstairs to find both rooms.

"The room on the left is the Film Room, which gives access to how the game was made including early art of Drake. The access code is 41675.

The room on the right is the Artifact Room, filled with painting of the island from Uncharted along with all the treasures that be received. The access code is 24312."

iHEARTboobs3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

i'm gonna stroll on by. Is the far cry room up?

edit: nevermind, it is up.

The Dark Knight3601d ago

Where abouts is the uncharted room?

mindedone3601d ago

you have to go to the world map, under locations. they have farcry and uncharted at the moment

The Dark Knight3601d ago

There not there for some reason :(

hay3601d ago

Same here, can't find it in world map.

claney3601d ago

i think i know your problem lol
your using a europen or pal region psn like me
and those farcry and uncharted areas are only in the
american home thats the only differnece between the
two homes atm, they must be in the american one
dont worry theres not that much in the uncharted room anyways

Alvadr3601d ago

Awww dammit. Us europeans get shafted again. Id love to go to the Uncharted room :((((

acedoh3601d ago

Account.... It's that simple. If you want access to things in the other HOME's that's all you have to do.

bviperz3601d ago

Thanks m8! I'm going to open a account for EVERY major region!

acedoh3600d ago

I have HOME accounts in Japan and Europe and it's kinda fun to just hang around and see what they have...

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toxic273601d ago

The code to the downstairs door is first..

Then it asks you to turn 7 wheels with numbers around them. Turn the wheels to make this code..

That last code (with the number wheels) is timed so do it fast!

vostro203601d ago

i went in the rooms already, it pretty cool

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The story is too old to be commented.