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Forza Horizon 5 is the result of a racing studio at the peak of its craft and the best open-world racing game available.

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CaptainHenry916505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Racing games don't win GOTY unfortunately. Definitely best racer of the year.

roadkillers505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

^ Burnout 3 says hello. Won numerous GotY awards

4Sh0w505d ago

Take a bow, Playground Games.

ElvisHuxley505d ago

Even if racing games did get GOTY awards, it really didn't change enough from the previous games to warrant it. It's great that they've refined the formula as much as they have, but there isn't really enough new things to justify it. New location, new car roster, prettier graphics. Need more than that, lol. Much like sim racers, sandbox racers are relatively niche.
@roadkillers Burnout did something different, a rare occurrence in the racing genre.

generic-user-name504d ago

I actually think it will win GOTY this year, not only because it's the best in its genre but because the judges are not blind, they'll have seen the "racing games don't win GOTY" comments over and over again and will want to try and prove their critics wrong.

Obelisk92504d ago

Burnout 3 was GOTY because it was freaking incredible and revolutionary to some extent.

I think this one is a GOTY contender, but just because 2021 has been a pretty week year. Returnal is my favorite game.

strifeblade504d ago

I'm just waiting for that random sony fanboy to say.... but bbut bbut driveclub looks better LOL

CaptainHenry916504d ago


I guess you're going to be disappointed then 😁

LordoftheCritics504d ago

Very expected.

I am a huge fan of Forza games and I am glad this did not disappoint.

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Christopher505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

The Forza games always make me wish I was into racing games. I've tried the last FH and it was okay fun, just not my cup of tea. But dang if it wasn't good at what it does on technical and conceptual levels that I can fully appreciate.

gamer7804505d ago

Right I love racing games and most other games but I can’t get into rogue lite or souls like games. So no matter how well blood borne scores I just couldn’t get into it.

4Sh0w505d ago

Right for me its jrpg's, Ive tried I just dont like them.

My_Name_is_Earl504d ago

Agreed 4Sh0w! I'm in the same boat. I find them so hokey! Glad there's a market for them

outsider1624504d ago

For me it's the whole open world type racing. I'm not into those types. I prefer circuit racing which is why i cannot wait for GT7 with a campaign mode finally.

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onisama504d ago

wow i cant believe this comment section everyone seem decent !! very rare

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darthv72505d ago

Damn... it kills me I have this preloaded and I wont be able to play it tomorrow as Im going out of town. It goes live on the 5th and i wont be back until the 7th. oh well... anticipation is a hell of a drug.

I may be able to at least play through the opening. i love the way the horizon games open with part cinematic and part racing.

XbladeTeddy505d ago

Looking forward to this. Just a great racing game all round it seems and on game pass which is a bonus.

Tedakin505d ago

91 on Metacritic with 53 reviews in.

My_Name_is_Earl505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

He meant 70+ reviews. You guys are too sensitive.

dumahim505d ago

Are you have no sense of sarcasm.

CaptainHenry916505d ago

The PC version is 91 with 13 reviews and the Xbox version is 92 with 70+ reviews

Old McGroin505d ago

@ My_Name_is_Earl

He knew. See the little face at the end of his sentence with the tongue sticking out like this. :P

That means he's being a little cheeky.

My_Name_is_Earl504d ago

I was responding to the downvotes Prince was getting McGroin... Also thank for giving me the opportunity to type McGroin for the first time in my life!

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Mcardle505d ago

oooft. My body is willing, my slow internet fears the day one update though.

Bladesfist505d ago

I'm really looking forward to getting back into Horizon, wasn't really a fan of racing games until I tried Horizon 4.

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iplay1up2505d ago

Try Horizon 3. The Hot Wheels DLC is epic!

NeoGamer232505d ago

I lost interest in racing games til Forza Horizon. It is the bar to which all other arcade racers should be measured.