Ghostrunner: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S - 60fps/ Ray Tracing/ 120fps Tested

Digital Foundry : In this video - the first from new contributor, Oliver Mackensie - we take a look at the console ports of the excellent Ghostrunner, with some quick PC comparisons, a detailed examination of the 60fps, 60fps/RT and 120fps modes, plus an overview of what to expect on the base PlayStation 4 too. Note: while typical resolution in 120Hz mode is circa 1296p, it is dynamic and we've seen ranges from 1188p to 1440p.

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jznrpg81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Who cares about pixel and frame counting at this point . It’s really only the games that matter now . Digital Foundry really isn’t necessary . They don’t know tech as well as they act like they do . Sure they can zoom in and count frames but anyone can do that with the right software .

LordoftheCritics81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I am glad these kinds of videos exist. Keeps many devs on their toes.

NeoGamer23281d ago

Agreed. At the end of the day the differences between the consoles are pretty insignificant compared to previous generations. But, having these guys do these comparisons keeps the devts and console makers on their toes.

Teflon0281d ago

Devs don't half ass as much when they know digital foundry will expose the flaws. The head to heads Maybe fuel Fanboy was but it also benefits everyone and also for those who have all options, they know which is the preferred versions for them now lol

porkChop81d ago

They understand tech a hell of a lot better than you or me. And they are necessary. They keep devs honest. And there have been times where devs didn't realize there was an issue until DF pointed it out. We often get performance updates when places like DF point out inconsistent frame rates, for example.

I don't understand why anyone would be against that. If you don't like the content, fine I get it. But you aren't forced to watch it either.

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ColtPSSX81d ago ShowReplies(4)
EvertonFC81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Also 99% of us play on low/mid budget tvs and use TV speakers etc. There testing these games on high end tv and speakers.
Our game experience will be nothing like there's for the most part anyway. Makes me laugh the fanboys moaning about comparisons when our experience won't look or sound like DF game anyway lol.

BrettAwesome81d ago

I run my games on PS5, on a really nice 65" Sony TV with fabulous contrast and colour reproduction. I have a surround setup with Jamo 507s and a 12" active sub. It's awesome home cinema all the way for me, baby 😏😏😏

Jin_Sakai80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

“Who cares about pixel and frame counting at this point . It’s really only the games that matter now . Digital Foundry really isn’t necessary . They don’t know tech as well as they act like they do”

Seems like you’re mad that PS5 is the best version so you blame DF.

- PS5 is the best version, Series X has poor performance in RT and inconsistent 120fps mode

- PS5 4K 60fps mode is locked
- XSX 4K 60fps mode is locked

- PS5 120fps mostly locked with minor drops
- XSX 120fps mode is inconsistent

- PS5 RT 60fps mode is locked
- XSX RT 60fps mode well below the PS5 version mostly in the 50fps range

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Destiny108081d ago (Edited 81d ago )

this is another vrr special for xbox staff, because without you wont feel very special, with frame rates all over the place
series s is a mess as per usual
PS5 is literally the only place to play this, with locked framerates and with the PS5 controller adding a whole other level of immersion

Eonjay81d ago

VRR is a bandage. It is to cover up poor optimization. And it only is useful to the 1% of people that have it. If framerates are better on PS5 simply because they don't have a crutch and have to optimize then I say screw the crutch and make the devs optomize on the Xbox as well.

LucasRuinedChildhood81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I don't think it's because VRR is being used as a crutch, tbh, since barely anyone has a TV with VRR right now.

I believe the Xbox versions are badly optimised because:
1. the Series S requires way too much work and time, and their attention on Xbox is divided between 2 versions.
2. the PS5 is much easier to develop for which is particularly helpful for a smaller studio.

Babadook781d ago

Another win for the ps5 and ps5 de.

ColtPSSX81d ago

Is it really a victory tho lol.
They both pretty much the same, just like every other game.

Darkborn81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Yep. The only reason I care that DF does these is it proves that the best console ever isn't all that powerful. It actually seems like half or maybe a bit more than half of them have performed better on the ps5. For me personally, even if the series x does outperform the ps5 by a small margin, the duelsense is the real feature I care about. It's insane.

Edit* whenever a game outperforms on the series x, there's hundreds of articles screaming power and everyone freaking out, but when the ps5 outperforms the x, it's like "oh, well the devs don't care about power, it's ok, it's all about the gameplay".

gravedigger81d ago

Xbox version has its problems

PS5 runs at consistent FPS in RT mode and performs better than Series X.
PS5 runs at more consistent FPS in 120fps mode and performs better than Series X.
Series X has dips in high 40s to mid 50s in RT mode and isn't very responsive.
Series X runs much better in 120 fps mode, but can dip to mid 90s but VRR saves the day.
Series S has not so favorable fps performance from the only available mode.
PS5 has good implementation on the DualSense as well.
PS5 and XSX target 4K on both performance and RT modes at 60fps, PS5 seem to hit native 4K on both these modes.
PS5 and Series X both at 1296P with slightly above or below that depending on-screen complexity when running at 120fps mode.
Series S runs at just a single mode which is 1440p60fps and it's FPS isn't smooth.

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Darkborn81d ago

Dude I'm not even gonna respond to all your inappropriate comments. The consoles have their pros and cons. Actually tons of games have performed better on the ps5 but not all. I prefer the duelsense over a slight performance boost like I said.

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Darkborn81d ago

This is definitely a game that looks like fps is king and it looks pretty nice. Once again, not much of a difference.

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