Shadow of the Tomb Raider runs noticeably faster without Denuvo

DSOGaming writes: "Crystal Dynamics has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from Shadow of the Tomb Raider so we've decided to benchmark it and see how it performs now that Denuvo is no longer available."

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Lexreborn238d ago

I’ll give it a shot, it never ran well on my 2060 would drop 10-15 frames on in 4K so this will hopefully show improvements

lonewolf1038d ago

Not sure on that, these tests were done at 1080p and only when the settings were dropped to their lowest (totally cpu bound) did the frame rates really drop between having denuvo on or off, shame they didn't show some results at higher resolutions.

NoFanBoy37d ago

Saw a few videos a while ago of people testing the steam version against the cracked and there was no real difference.

Profchaos38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It sounds like you're trying to game in 4k on a 2060 it's more of a 1080 to 1440 capable card when playing shadow.

Lexreborn237d ago

True but even 1080-1440p it struggles. Honestly, I hate this 2060 to me it’s the worst graphics card they released.

But, on the other hand it handles old games and emulation well. Which still sucks in the end, as I just built a desktop that is geared for older games (2017 on down)

NoFanBoy37d ago

The 2060 is a 1080/1440p card, even a 2080Ti struggles with several games at 4K native.

Lexreborn237d ago

No duh, I specifically said it “struggles by 10-15 frames on 4K” and this was me making lots of tweaks but I was able to get it running at 4K 30, but when aiming for 60 with shadow of the tomb raider the game In the discussion. It would suffer 10-15 frame dips from 60.

My hopes is denova removal can boost it up (from the settings I had) as If it boost at all that means for me is whichever settings I settle on should be fine.

Ive gotten 4K on plenty of games older then 2017 so it’s really capable for the time period. But, it’s still a graphics card I fee they should’ve skipped altogether when making the rtx series:

Inverno38d ago

You don't say?
It's pretty unacceptable how willing devs are to make their games run worse for the sake of stopping piracy. Only for it to be cracked sooner than later and all they accomplish is screwing over the people who bought the game legit smh

37d ago