What a New Tomb Raider Game Can Learn From the Tomb Raider Reboot Trilogy

If a new Tomb Raider game is in development, there is a lot that Eidos Montreal could learn from the highs and lows of the reboot trilogy.

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masterfox630d ago

please bring back voluptuous Lara and change her annoying voice for god sake!, I started playing all three games from my PS4, PS5 and PC (yeah found those dirt cheap in price), but still never finished a single one of them cause the main character is soooo damn annoying!, well at least for me. :D

NerdBurglars629d ago

You just sound like a teenager with too many hormones

MadLad629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Half the comments section is acting like they made her this 0/10 looking character wearing seven layers of clothes.

The games were well reviewed. The new Lara would be a model in real world terms. If the biggest recurring issue is she wasn't just modelesque, but also abnormally large breasts and skin tight/virtually no clothing, that's just sad.

"She wasn't made to be the literal idea of a blowup doll. It's the PC police at it again."

Fntastic629d ago

That's probably most of the ppl on here tbh, many have atrocious grammar too so it makes sense. Guess their parents let them run loose on the internet.

H9629d ago

Honestly everyone here talking about her appearance is annoying, as if the game is perfect and just needs a fix in the character model and that's it, both people who are with and against her new design care more about how female character looks than her character

dumahim629d ago

and short attention span.

moriarty1889629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

That’s the whole problem….people like you calling out someone else for having an opinion about an original character design like Lara Croft’s. She was designed in a more sexy form and it was part of her look.It was also part of the attraction for many gamers who actually liked her for whatever way they may have. Nothing wrong with wanting her to resemble her original form at all. Unless you don’t like other people enjoying characters for what they are to them. That is the definition of close minded. This is video games after all. NOT reality.

Elantregaless629d ago

Why do you hate teenagers ?

bloop629d ago

I thought the reboot trilogy were good games, but I'd like to see the old, original Lara back too. I don't care what she looks like, but I'd like the character to go back to the assertive, confident and kick ass original character. All Lara seemed to do in the reboot games was complain, and the voice actor was painful to listen to.

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TricksterArrow629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

I couldn't care less about Lara's boobs or lack of them. The game is just boring, and even the first, which is by far, the superior and most fun one of the bunch, is atrociously written. That campfire scene of Lara and her friend with a strange islander after she witnessed murder and was chased almost to death by another islander was so badly conceived it hurts my brain... Holy molly.

Get a better writter. It's that simple.

moralsup629d ago

lmao this is sad, what are you, 14?

MrChow666629d ago

Are you a prudish Goody two-shoes?

Binarycode629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Totally Agree. I've played everyone ever made. Original 3 were by far the best.

The recent ones have too much whiney vocals, I don't need to hear everything she is doing every second.lol.

I'm surprised they never included her tummy rumbling in the audio. Or having a dump in the bushes.

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Christopher629d ago

Modern trilogy based on a real-world woman for voice and design.

Older games based purely on imagination regarding design.

Yeah, censoring "women."

gamer7804629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

That is not really true or it’s misleading. All Lara Croft characters were based on imagination. None have been based off a real woman. Toby created Lara Croft to break stereotypes about females needing to be a damsel in distress. So he created her to and being tough and self reliant and can still be beautiful and attractive. There have been so many cosplays of all versions of Lara Croft so any could be a real world woman and is besides the point. But she has moved a bit further away from Tony’s original version and there are many who would like to see Lara return to form being all of those things.

At the very least give her her shorts, acrobatics and dual pistols back. That would be a start.

Christopher629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

*** All Lara Croft characters were based on imagination.***

Camilla Luddington was the base for both the voice and look of the new Lara. So, no.

@below: This is obviously about looks, not actions in-game. Your post is nonsensical as it relates nothing to the discussion. Let alone I said "for voice and design" and didn't say "for in-game combat and actions."

The back bending some of you are doing to try and have a point is ridiculous.

bunt-custardly629d ago

"based on a real world woman for voice and design".

You have got to be joking surely? Did you play any of the games? The feats this "based on a real world woman" accomplishes are fantastical from start to finish. I am glad you said "based" more like loosely based in a purely imaginative way.

gamer7804629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Additionally, Sure they both had voice actresses, Kelley and Camilla, (personally preferred keeley) but they weren’t modeled specifically after an actual woman’s looks, just voice and mocap. ( ie your comment on design).

bunt-custardly629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Obviously not Christopher. "Design" covers the entire spectrum as far as I am concerned, and in context of the article, quite relevant. You should have defined what you meant by "design" better. If you had said "looks" or "appearance" then there would be no confusion.

Christopher629d ago

Sure, bunt, sure. We're talking about a character, we obviously mean game design as well. Sounds logical to me.

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Bathory666630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

I beat the trilogy, but the first reboot on ps3 was the best. Camilla luddington was amazing as lara. Rise and shadow were good, but something just felt off. They didn’t have the spirit of the reboot. Really hoping the next game is good and it moves forward.

LucasRuinedChildhood629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

I thought Camilla luddington's performance wasn't great, tbh. In real life, she sounds like an American doing a REALLY bad English accent (rather than the other way around) because she moved to America when she was young.

That also translates to the accent in the game. haha. It just didn't sound right at all and is obviously fake. The over-emphasis on certain words makes her sound ... at best strange, and at worst a bit dumb. The pronunciations are often wrong as well.

Honestly though, I could accept all that if the characterization and story were compelling (that's not her fault). I had no investment in the character.

I didn't play Shadow, but I thought these games tortured her without any real purpose. The GCI trailer for Rise acted like the game would delve into her psychological state (therapy session scene) which would be interesting but it never does. She doesn't feel like a fully developed character, she feels more like a prop for the game to mess with and gruesomely put through Mortal Kombat-style fatalities if you make a mistake and die. Let her be a person and give her some good dialogue.

These are also the only games where ludonarrative dissonance is obvious to me when I'm actually playing because the games draw attention to it.

Knightofelemia630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

I didn't mind the trilogy except for Shadow of the Tomb Raider the ending was honestly probably going to ruin it but it was shit. I mean Uncharted Lost Legacy had a better ending and it was a shorter game. Too make Lara great again you have to rebuild her from the ground up listen to fan input learn what works and what doesn't work and take it from there with her.

zsquaresoff630d ago

Make it more like the 1st game of the trilogy and don't make the map unnecessarily big with tons of collectibles.
And make Lara sexy again.

moriarty1889629d ago

Yes make her sexy the way she originally was. Nothing evil or wrong with that at all. She is a video game character after all ……..ffs it’s not a real person. Video games are meant to be for fun and for the imagination. This new anti sexy anti feminine movement in games against female characters who originally were made that way is ridiculous. People need to stop taking everything so serious and looking for problems with everything in life. That’s why we are at this point in gaming with characters like Lara.