Gears of War 3 rumours "total nonsense"

Epic's Mark Rein has dismissed suggestions the studio is already working on a third instalment in the Gears of War series.

When asked whether the rumours are true, Rein told Eurogamer, "Total nonsense."

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matt19913599d ago

there always gonna say no to the rumors

dragunrising3599d ago

Epic isn't known for their honesty, however it is standard practice to deny rumors.

Radiodread3599d ago

just need something to compete against killzone 2 and God of War 3, which they know blows away gears 1 and 2 and probably 3.

outlawlife3599d ago

you probably need a life

outlawlife3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

im going to say that it probably is in the early stages of development

gears 2 started preproduction the minute gears1 hit the streets and was seen to be selling like mad

as for this article the guy is an idiot this is the last portion

"Word from Mark Rein is that's rubbish, though. "We're still working on improvements to Gears 2," he said. Someone should probably tell them it's already out. "

yeah we know it is out an he knows it is out, they are working on fixing the problems and balancing the online, epic is actually going to bat for mistakes they have made and supporting their game for a while

a game can be improved far beyond its release date, we have this thing called the internet now

perhaps he still hasn't realized that games don't come on cartridges anymore either or that the lithium battery is goign to die in my copy of gears 2 and i won't be able to save

unlike some devs who release one crappy map pack and promised new play list options for over a year, a wag of the finger goes to infinity ward who make some of the best shooters out there yet refuse to support them beyond 3 months

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Hopefully they're fixing UT back to its former glory instead of working on a franchise that the engine isn't named after.

Because that totally worked last time when they put all the effort into Gears of War instead of UTII, which the UE3 was originally for, eh?

outlawlife3599d ago

actually unreal engine wasn't for unreal tournament

it was original for Unreal, a story based fps

and they havent made one of those for years so according to your plan they should go back to a game that hasnt seen day light in almost a decade