Namco: Bringing Tekken to 360 was a matter of reaching Europe and the US

Namco Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has told Kikizo that doing a 360 version of Tekken 6 was a matter of common sense: there are simply too many green consoles in the world market to ignore. Snip:

Kikizo: You remember close to the beginning of the series, a time when Tekken was very closely associated with PlayStation. Obviously it's not just PlayStation now, so what would you say the sort of die-hard PlayStation fans who maybe feel 'betrayed'?

Harada: Yes, we have developed it PlayStation 1, 2 and now 3, so it is true that we have really grown with the PlayStation brand - we have a lot of fond memories, and we worked very closely with Mr Kutaragi as well, so we had a really good relationship. We love the platform. But rather than some fans feeling disappointed, there are a lot of Xbox users out there at the moment, and a great deal of fans who only have an Xbox and really want to play Tekken, which is the number one in the fighting genre. And we just had so many fans that said "we really want to get our hands on it, but can't." So we wanted to answer those fans. And it's also the timing at this point - at the moment we have two high spec consoles on the market at the same time; the Xbox has a huge installed base in Europe and America. So it was more about trying to answer the fans' requests and having as many as possible be able to get the game - that was the objective there.

There's loads more through there, Tekken fans.

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fakeplasticlung3598d ago

They're a business, what do you expect? Fanboyism doesn't pay the bills.

kevoncox3598d ago

They're a business what do you expect? Fanboyism doesn't pay the bills.

People act like if they were asked to do the same job fo rtwice as much money they would turn it down. It's business.

WANNA GET HIGH3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yes MS paid for all those games but is it really a bad thing.Why do most people think that paying for games is bad, MS are not gonna sit back and let sony roll over them like last gen.This time they are giving sony a run for ther money.Just accept it, the 360 is here to stay and it will not end up like the original xbox.Last gen i only had a ps2 and never planned to buy an xbox but this gen i got a ps3 and im buying a 360.Get both consoles and dont worry about what fan boys say.

U are acting like sony did not pay to take final fantasy away from nintendo!!!!

ToastyMcNibbles3598d ago

youre right guys it is a business...ghost was just pointing out the obvious i dont see anything fanboy in that

kazuma3598d ago

cut the crap, you're after the US audience. period.

VampHuntD3598d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say. Bubbles for that.

Nathan Drake3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Tell that to Aaron Greenberg,seriously,I support the 360 but man,that guy is

littletad3598d ago

Nah, it was because the 360 has a larger install based. Feeling fanboyish are we?

At any rate it's great the 360 owners get their hands on this too. If only their was a fighter joystick bundle when this comes out. The 360 needs one.

house3598d ago

when they asked koby if this team was as good as others hes beeen on he said some thing like some thing he should of said so he wont seem like an a$$. but this guy should have said we want the money!!!

Doppy3598d ago

B$ because if that was the case they would have brought the PS3 version out and ported it to the 360 down the road.

Tony P3598d ago

I'd just like to play it on a console sometime this decade.

ultimolu3598d ago

Exactly Tony.

Just release the game already. And Square needs to release FFXIII already.

GodGinrai3598d ago

"If only their was a fighter joystick bundle when this comes out. The 360 needs one."

The hori EX2 stick is good .i bought it for vf5 but it works great on soul calibur 4 and sf2 hd awsell. you can find one at and they ship internationally too.

Homicide3598d ago

It's a smart business move.

Dread3598d ago

please show evidence that MS paid Namco for Tekken.

the fact that Ms has a huge install base is not a good enough reason to expand namco's market?

Take off the fanboy goggles. This is a business. It as simple as that.

you think that developers make games for Sony for free! WOW

kingOVsticks3598d ago

seeing a a franchise so closely tied with Sony go to the 360 and its even more disappointing to know the game is finished but will be delayed for a year since its being ported to the 360 also.I understand that if Tekken 6 was a timed exclusive it would barely sell on the 360 platform but making diehard tekken fans like me wait another year for a game thats been in the arcade for almost two years is so wrong in so many ways. The same goes for FF13...

GUNS N SWORDS3598d ago

this move was a matter of ethics and it was all down to an economical situation. had they not have done it, Tekken6 would have been buried from the success of soul calibur 4. I'm sure they saw it coming after they saw the sales numbers of soul calibur 4.

littletad3598d ago

I don't really understand your reasoning at all. Are you saying Namco should keep Tekken in the playstaion series? Why? Virtually every franchise is now on both the 360 or the ps3. Isn't this suppose to be a good and healthy scenario for all gamers? Yes the ps systems always had Tekken exclusively, but you what? That's because the ps systems always had the biggest install base. So in reality, it's always been a business decision. Right from the start. Releasing a game on a playstation format was never about loyalty, companionship, or anything else but a business decision. (companionship was for humor mind you). So at any rate, the only thing is the delay. If there really is one, so what? This coming year is perhaps going to be the biggest yet, so a little delay shouldn't deter your enjoyment of games.

Bubble Buddy3598d ago

"So it was more about trying to answer the fans' requests and having as many as possible be able to get the game - that was the objective there."

I don't care that it's coming to 360 but that statement is just bs.

madmike3598d ago

please can we make a game for 25 million people that buy games you sony sheep talk too much sh.t.

Foliage3598d ago

PS3 users have way too many games to buy, so Tekken won't sell very well. It was a smart move on their part to also release on the 360, a system that has very little games to look forward to.

littletad3598d ago

"A system that has very little games to look forward to".

Considering your bubbles and the neglecting that Microsoft hasn't announced new games yet, I'm a little shocked you can post something so arrogant.

kingOVsticks3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

naw of course not man, im still getting the game(just a year later) lol I had no real reasoning just sayin it a little awkward but your reasoning is a little iffy 2 me 2

"Virtually every franchise is now on both the 360 or the ps3. Isn't this suppose to be a good and healthy scenario for all gamers?"

no its not at all, imo the games define the system. The PS3 and the 360 most have games that differentiate themselves from one another.True,if most games were on both the systems, it would reach a wider audience. But if it was like that, then whats the point of getting one system over another or having all the systems if all the games were the same? Its not the color,the name brand,the layout of the controller, no. Its the games that make the PS3 and the 360 for what they are. I just think some games that help define the Playstation and Xbox should continue to define the Playstation and Xbox.But don't mind me too much, im old fashion and I fear change lol
oh and I understand its business and times are tough but honestly, if for what ever reason bungie needed more money and they had to port halo to the wii, wouldn't that be going to far? but There are alot of wiis out there...

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she00win993598d ago

"Bringing Tekken to 360 was a matter of reaching Europe and the US" that is just bullsh!t. tekken is already successful franchise, they don't need to reach out...

Kleptic3598d ago

I agree with the 360's installed base in the US, its more than double...but in Europe the two consoles are almost equal, give or take a few hundred thousand (despite what either company tells you)...

whatever though...3rd party exclusives have been dead for a while...MGS4 was probably the last great one of this generation, which still may have only been timed...Ps3 fans shouldn't care, as its not like the 360 is getting any 3rd party exclusives either...its just getting PS3 games..if that makes 360 fans happy...whatever...

I should have mentioned...the 360 is not getting 'good' 3rd party exclusives...SE has pointed their anus at the 360 for about a year now, and given 360 owners nothing but steaming shat...nothing to lose sleep over...

Dark Collosis3598d ago

Just face it the only reason you guys are upset is because yet ANOTHER old exclusive to sony is multiplatform. Which then means yet another game to show how much more powerful the 360 is to the ps3, and yet another multiplatform game looking and playing better on the xbox...

she00win993598d ago

"another multiplatform game looking and playing better on the xbox" you must be living in a cave since last year...

i just saw your dad licking somebody's balls while i'm replying your comment..

Nathan Drake3598d ago

I couldn't hear you with all the BS being spread by the Tekken boss


Aaron green is not a fan boy.There was an interview he did and he admited he has all 3consoles and he even gave prove buy giving hes PSN id and it worked.

strotee3598d ago

Wasn't that Square's reasoning? How's that working out for Square? (especially with all those quality games they pump out in the past year or so)

Cajun Chicken3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Still not happy with this descision.
Tekken started as a and IS a Playstation brand. Funny how the 360 tries to carve itself an identity and market audience, but slowly steals others instead.

I guess Namco have to make money, but this was a bit of a hard backstabber seeing Tekken has never been on anything else since its creation and isn't even in the same arguement of Metal Gear or Final Fantasy, because those went from different platforms anyway.

Nathan Drake3598d ago

It's not like Tekken is that big of a deal anyways

LethalToxins3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Oh, I definitely agree. Tekken isn't that big of a deal. Especially since its sales average is about the same as the beloved MGS series. Who cares about a game that sells like 4+ million copies?

Nathan Drake3598d ago

Tekken hasn't been a big deal since Tekken 3,so I'm sorry to inform you but if you think Tekken 6 is going to be this humongous title that dominates Metacritic and the worldwide charts-You're in for a very rude awakening.

LethalToxins3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Obviously, you must be right. I mean, Tekken 4 just barely broke 3 million copies sold and Tekken 5 only broke a measly 4 million. But hell, multiplatinum sales don't equate to much, either, huh? I'm aware of 3 breaking 6 mil, but that doesn't discredit the sales of the other games.

Tekken 3 was good, but DR is more rounded and balanced. DR, TTT, and 3 are generally considered the best of the series by its players. Why did you stop caring? Mishima EWGF isn't quite as broken anymore as it was in 3?

It doesn't need to dominate Metacritic, it will sell, period. It's Tekken. I like how you use Metacritic to validate your point. True, 3 got a 96, but DR got an 88, which kind of discredits you at the same time. An 88 is damn good for a fighter these days. Not to mention, 3 didn't have the competition DR does now.

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