Battlefield 2042 Movement, Sprint Speed Compared to Past BF Titles; Ledges Grabbable Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 movement and sprint speed compared to past Battlefield games data listed. Players can grab ledges like in BFV confirmed.

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Fluke_Skywalker50d ago

Imho it only looks so much faster because almost every streamer I saw had they're fov at ridiculously high settings. Everyone forgets that BF games use Vfov not Hfov like COD and most other shooters. So people are setting it to 90 in BF thinking that's the same as COD when in actual fact 90 in BF would be 120 in cod. People need to learn or BF needs to tell them. Either way anything above 100 hfov looks ridiculous. Imho anything above 90 looks ridiculous.

REDGUM49d ago

ok, so for those of us that are from the older generation, me, going on 45 this coming year..... What is Vfov & Hfov please? I've never heard of the term.

Fluke_Skywalker49d ago

Vertical field of view and Horizontal field of view. As stated most games when they state their field of view state it using the horizontal degress of view. Battlefield and plenty others though state their vertical field of view. Obviously when you change one the other changes too as the image ratio stays the same. But most people will be looking for a 90 - 100 degree horizontal field of view which calculates out to being roughly 72 degrees of vertical field of view. So anyone who doesn't know that BF is showing the Vfov will think 90 is what they want, when in actual fact it should be 72.
This obviously does not actually change the movement speed, but it gives the perception that the movement speed is higher. This is why raing sims look slower than arcade racing games, although lap times can be identical. A higher field of view makes things look faster as things in your periferal vision pass by faster. It is merely an optical effect though, the actual speed remains the same.