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TG writes: The much anticipated release of Far Cry 6 is almost here, but we've already been fighting the revolución in the Caribbean islands of Yara for over a week. Should you join the fight, or should this one just be left under a fascist regime?

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metalhead58d ago

Let’s just call it a 7 and be done with it. After comparing the polarizing reviews I’ve averaged it out to there. It’s a 7. Buy it when it gets patched and goes on sale and maybe you have fun making things go boom.

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

From what I heard from some of the issues, and the fact it's just more of the same, it's hard to believe this game warrants a 10/10.

Even if they had a great time playing it, you need to take everything about it into the score. I haven't played it, myself. I typically wait for sales because, well, Farcry is just so samey anymore; but 7 - 8 feels where I figure most gamers will sit with the title.

metalhead58d ago

Ever thought about exiting politics for video game commentary? ;)

got_dam58d ago

Performance on pc completely discounts anything over 7. At least on that platform. Plus, it's really a lot more of the same. Yeah, thereare changes to the formula. Progression especially. But still, it's an ubi open world. With all the baggage that entails.

N4GTG58d ago

The game is flawless on the PS5, which is what this review was based on.

JackBNimble58d ago

Flawless? Somehow I doubt that.

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

Depends what you consider "flawless". Devs typically gimp settings on console so they can get things like 4k and 60fps in the summary because those are the buzzwords people care about anymore.

I've seen test results where the game definitely dips under that, and that's without raytracing. They definitely didn't do the job they should have with PC optimization, but the GPU companies will probably remedy that with future drivers, if Ubi, themselves, don't as well.

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