Jaffe: VGA God of War 3 Footage Is Not What I Saw

Apparently, David Jaffe has seen the God of War 3 footage that Spike TV's Video Game Awards will be showing, and while he says that it's good, it's not what he saw a couple weeks back when he famously went off about how amazing it looked.

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PoSTedUP5100d ago

i guess they are not going to show the footage that david saw. its probably not ready yet.

TheHater5100d ago

or it is too good for your mortal eyes to behold. :)


Well it a no brainer really.U dont expect them to show u to much of a game that might not even come out till ending of next year.But one thing is for sure and that is the little seconds they will show us will be AMAZING.

solidsnakus5100d ago

why would they show something crappy ? sounds like jaffe lied.

The Killer5100d ago

they wanna keep it for the E3 of 2009!
sony need to show something to wow the people!

Lord Anubis5100d ago

Im sorry but when is the VGA and what channel is it on comcast heh

INehalemEXI5100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

Its on sunday , on spike tv channel , channels vary depending on where your at.

Maxned5100d ago

Jaffe + Cliffy B = Biggest douches in the game industry

Lord Anubis5100d ago

Thanks stalker you earned your bubble.

acedoh5100d ago

Don't expect the full show... Just enough of a teaser to have you salivating over it. There is no reason to get people very excited when this game is still at least a year away...

hate_me5099d ago (Edited 5099d ago )

jaffe was high again when he saw the trailer... He saw it the morning after again and was very disappointed. Dude it happens to the best of us.... with me it happens with girls.... other (like you) games... but whatever dude. sounds as if you are making excuses

cherrypie5099d ago

So, Sony showed jaffee their pre-rendered nonsense... typical.

hate_me5099d ago

dude. jaffe cannot be made more of an ars than he already is

jazy5099d ago

Or they are just wasting your time..

stay in the now.....
sick and tired of all the "its going to this..." and "its going to that..."

follow today people..
MS kicks ass......
Sony makes you wait and (sometimes) kicks ass but also alot of the time frustrates you....

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info5100d ago

The difference that most people seem to miss is that David Jaffe had a visit at SCEA santa monica studios. So unlike what Vgtilt and others have been witnessing (ie: videos etc...) he has seen the real deal, the game.

Understandable that a gameplay teaser / trailer is going to be short, edited, well not very representative of what he must have experienced.

LarVanian5100d ago

David most likely saw a full 10 minute play-through of the game.
For all we know he probably got to play it but refuses to comment on that.

Xi5100d ago

like a console version of gabe newell.

heyheyhey5100d ago

dude one more doughnut and Newell is bye-bye..... Jaffe's situation isn't as drastic

plus Jaffe is actually a good developer... very insightful....

Xi5100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

and I think gabe is a more renowned developer, with more insight considering the resume's of each. Either way, gabe is fat, peter is bald, cliff is a 14 year old, and gaffe is fat, imature and balding... and kojima's asian.

Gun_Senshi5100d ago

No one dissis Kojima

He is the best Developer of our times and The God of Gaming

Xi5100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

Ignoring Myamoto, Michael Morhaime, Cid Meier and other members of the AIAS ( ) hall of fame, all have done much more the kojima and his single successful franchise.

Gue15100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

I think @Xi needs urgently to look for the definition of what an opinion is.

BTW give thanks to Kojima for inventing the stealth genre because thanks to him you can play your precious Splinter Cell series and not that boring game called Civilization.

Everybody forgets those persons you're mentioning because why would we mention them in this situation? We're not talking about them anyway. you're defending Gabe Newell because he makes games exclusively for the X360 while bashing the PS3 in every opportunity he has and we mention Kojima for the same reason. But Kojima doesn't talk trash about the X360.

and again, how you have so many bubbles we such flawed logic is beyond me. =|
but anyway this is N4G.

edit: and yeah Jaffe is cooler than all these devs because he actually plays games from any console. He's not a fanboy like Gabe Newell.

Miyamoto probably doesn't even know what Dead Space is, heck!, he said that he doesn't even know what Ratchet & Clank is! He doesn't read video games magazine or something? Where he lives? In the moon? so arrogant...

Xi5099d ago

zelda is the first game that featured "stealth" gameplay, as some of the gameplay elements required you to "sneak" past enemies that would line of site you, following a set rotation, similar to splintercell and the mgs franchise. So we don't have to thank kojima for that, all he did is create a relevent situation for that gameplay type.

Kleptic5099d ago

^^uh..the original metal gear came within months of 'the legend of zelda'...and had way more of a focus on stealth...

yeah...I see your point...the first zelda game had sections where you needed to move around certain enemies....out of 'sight' of them...yet you could also attack them easily if you was not even close to a focal point of the overall gameplay...and kojima's first Metal Gear game was out not even one year later...

don't group Splinter Cell and MGS together like that...MG as a franchise is some 15 years older (like I pointed out, almost as old as Zelda)...if you are talking about groundbreaking it or not...Kojima is right up there with all of the best...

can't believe no one said John Romero or John Carmack though...the 2 fathers of online gaming...Romero, whom claims ownership of the the terms 'frag' and 'deathmatch', and is almost solely responsible for the entire first person shooter genre...and Carmack who will go down as one of the great programmers to ever live...

PopEmUp5099d ago

can some one name me the guy the invented FPS genre the one behind quake I think not so sure

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