Top 6 Games from the ‘Tales of’ Series

As fans celebrate its 25th anniversary this year and with the new game, Tales of Arise launching this September, here’s a list of Top 6 Tales games that gamers have enjoyed over the years.

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babadivad34d ago

Graces f was better than both Xillia entries. Abyss is probably the best game in the series. It had the perfect mix of story and gameplay.

solideagle34d ago

nah, Xillia/2 is pinnacle of great combat but Xillia 2 story sucked. Graces F is also awesome. Abyss was my first Tales of games, so it has special place in my heart.

littletad34d ago

I think if Symphonia was released today instead of back then, it would be even greater than Vesperia. It was still considered a poor man's Final Fantasy series then, and some still feel that way about it. The only thing that pushed me to finish Vesperia were the quirky but likable characters. The story and fighting were pretty mediocre IMO though.

KingofBandits34d ago

For me its Abyss, Vesperia, Destiny, Xillia, Hearts f, Eternia. Yes Symphonia is also great but its get way too much attention. Also I'm betting Arise unseats one of my top 6 by the time I'm done. Its a fantastic game

Seraphim34d ago

while I agree because Eternal Sonata was a wonderful game and story the fact is it's a Tales like game, not a Tales of game.

Lexreborn234d ago

Mine are
1.Tales of Phantasia
2. Tales of xillia 1/2
3. Tales of eternia
4.Tales of Graces F
5. Tales of Zesteria
6. Open slot

I’m currently playing tales of Destiny directors cut and vesperia. I gave up on tales of berseria after 40 hours. And I really want tales of arise.

I played Abyss, symphonia, legendia and tales of hearts R. Aside from symphonia (I beat it) I am pretty much at the end of all of these but just lost the spark to finish them.

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