Tales of series best selling games announced - worldwide, Japan / Asia, North America, and Europe

Bandai Namco has announced the best selling Tales of series games worldwide, and in Japan and Asia, North America, and Europe.

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Knightofelemia50d ago

Shame Graces F is not on any of the lists it's one of my favorite Tales games along with Xillia. Now just need a release date and month for Graces F

solideagle50d ago

Gameplay wise Xillia and Graces F are the best and hopefully Arise will be in same league as mentioned games.

Lexreborn250d ago

Japans top 3 are easily the best ones. North americas too 5 really shows how much the country been sleeping on Tales of games. Vesperia having such a high number has to be for the multiple re-releases because that’s a tales of game I still struggle to enjoy..... granted I bought it on 3 different platforms so I should shut uo

tulholdren50d ago

Love Tales of series can't wait for the next one.

autobotdan49d ago

Need tales of Destiny remakes on current consoles

curtain_swoosh49d ago

this just shows you, how niche the tales series really is wow. i knew the sales werent, you know abnormalie high, but yeh.
symphonia, abyss, zestiria, graces f and vesperia are the best ones. xilia 1 is great too xD

CBaoth49d ago

Saleswise, most JRPGs are grossly overrated by their fanbases. Look at LoD or Wild Arms. People constantly want remakes of games that barely sold 400-500k. They only eeked out a profit because publishers only needed to sell that much to break even on PS2.

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