Every Mario Game On Nintendo Switch Ranked Worst To Best

Mario stands at the top of video game mascots, boasting a solid track record and an endless number of excellent titles. The character's current library is primarily composed of timeless platformers and standout spinoff hits, with lackluster outings being a rarity. Unfortunately, an ongoing issue with long-term franchises like this one is the amount of hoops needed to jump through in order to access the entire collection. Rarely is an entire series' gaming catalogue found on a single system, so it's a pleasant surprise to find that the majority of Mario games can presently be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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Vader8232d ago

I mean what a list. Super Mario World has yet to be beat for me.

XboxCore32d ago

Same here unfortunatly lol

scorpio_204932d ago

Same here. The different color yoshis and using keys to unlock secret doors was so fun.

I still don’t get the love for Galaxy 1 and 2. It was a fun game but I just don’t care for linear 3D Marios.

Inverno32d ago

I can't believe they haven't followed up after Odyssey. I was hoping that Sunshine clip was real DLC. Ninty has been so slow this gen it's disappointing.

Relientk7732d ago

Still waiting for Super Mario Odyssey 2

matthook32d ago

I still haven't finished Odyssey!

Ristul31d ago

Super Mario 64 will always be number one for me. Sunshine gets a lot of flack but I love that game.