Kayleigh’s hot take: Wahoo, single-player Mario is pretty boring

Mario is boring. No, I’m not joking. Yes, I’m aware people want to lynch me, but allow me to explain why Nintendo’s mascot is an overrated plumber

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Number1TailzFan62d ago

Most of the newer games were too easy, IMO easy = boring. Luckily there's some with decent challenge, especially once you beat the main game and unlock the harder mode.

porkChop62d ago

I really think they just need to up the difficulty a bit. People say Mario games are easy so kids can play them, but I don't think those people realize how adept kids are at playing games. Whenever I've seen kids playing Mario they're flying through it with ease. The games just need to be a bit more difficult and have more complexity. Odyssey was a really great, fun game let down by how braindead easy it was.

isarai61d ago

Sucks for you i guess 🤷‍♂️

Destiny108061d ago

you need to play knack or knack 2

GotGame81860d ago

Knack compared to 3D World or Odyssey? Knack is okay, but isn't nearly as good as either of those Mario games.

MrChow66659d ago

Now thats a Really Boring game

Levii_9260d ago

But the games are good.. really good. Especially Mario Odyssey.

NotoriousWhiz60d ago

I might play some more Mario Odyssey right now.

FinalFantasyFanatic59d ago

I do like that game, but I easily curb stomp the difficult in it, so I don't play for long stretches of time.

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