An Awful Mario Game Somehow Released On The Xbox Store

Someone how an incredibly obvious Mario ripoff has made its way onto the Xbox store, and it does not look good.

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BrainSyphoned410d ago

What Mario would look like on Gamepass.

slate91410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Bruh lololol

z2g410d ago

Clearly you’ve never used gamepass….

CrimsonWing69410d ago

You do realize GamePass is different from the Xbox Store, right? If you go on any console marketplace you’ll find games like these…

mastershredder410d ago

What’s worse?, the person making a hack-job crappy clone, or the person knowing they are buying an obvious crappy clone and complaining about it?

“The bold developers”. umm I’d really avoid calling them developers. Repurposed engine Templates from a crappy common binary spewing easy to use me-too “dev” app with loads app copy and paste, totally classic skid style. Honestly, the entire process plus the flawed in-place methodology to release it were very, simple and inexpensive since MS can’t properly weed out gutter apps. Real bold.

Palitera410d ago

If you think pulling this off, even from a template, does not require being a "dev", you're very ignorant. The SDK implementation alone require intermediate skills.
By the way, I seriously doubt there is a complete template of this game.

jonny897410d ago

Looks like they already deleted it from the store.

Knightofelemia409d ago

Looks better then some of the Chinese rom hacks I have seen that would involve say Donkey Kong, Sonic and Mario. But then again its an endless runner so it would be a get bored real fast title or if it was ported to a mobile phone. It would be kill the waiting time at the doctors office game.

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