Cyberpunk 2077 There is Nothing Wrong with Crowd or Car Density on PC & New Look Misty Mod

CG writes: We have religiously been playing CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 since launch and witnessed it go through various transitions after numerous updates. The most recent 1.31 update seems to have fixed some things and broken others. However, it’s really tough to gauge what is what considering the numbers of platforms the game is on and the state of peoples hardware. We’ve seen a number of complaints regarding Night City’s lack of citizens which seems to fluctuate up and down with each update. We can confirm (via video) that on a top-end PC Night City is filled with cars and pedestrians especially when on-foot. The numbers diminish when you start driving around at speed. In addition, there looks like quite a bit of pop-in but that might be down to us using a regular HDD rather than SSD. Either way, take a look at the video which shows off tons of cars and people. Don’t forget to skip to around 9 minutes to see a new gothic look for Misty courtesy of this mod from Mental Hygiene.

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LordoftheCritics32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

This game looks quite realistic. Overweight people everywhere.

annoyedgamer32d ago

USA is like this giant fat cultural bohemoth that just swallows up media and turns it into a pile of slop. Cyberpunk is the latest victim.

Hatchetforce32d ago

The crowd doesn't seem bad when you drive by. But stay in one place for about a minute and your immersion goes right out the window. The fat people walk exactly the same. You'll see them 50 feet apart looking like copies. People in the crowd walk a certain distance and turn around and repeat the loop. Its obvious. And then the worst is the pathfinding. People walking and turning mechanically at odd angles. Yeah I get it, its supposed to be a sleight of hand. But the thing about sleight of hand is you aren't supposed to notice it. Say what you want about Rockstar milking GTA V but that old game knew how to do car foot and car traffic. The occasional issue sure, but GTA V is light years ahead of this in those respects.

frostypants32d ago

@annoyedgamer your statement makes zero sense. Was that supposed to be edgy?

CrimsonIdol32d ago

I've actually never noticed pedestrian copies. Obviously this is a thing because I keep hearing it but yeah, seems like it's more of a thing depending on hardware. I'm sure there probably have been copies that I probably just wasn't looking out for but yeah hasn't been an issue. I have had 10GB or 11GB of video RAM, 32GB of system RAM and was running the game off of an NVMe SSD so I'm sure that helped.

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CrimsonIdol32d ago

Why the hell were they running it off a HDD though for a "top-end PC" though? We already know the game struggles to stream off mechanical drives

anast32d ago

I like the new Misty...too bad they made the game for top end PCs (the AI still behaves the same) and not the millions of consoles they advertised. Also, The pop-in with this game is something else.

JelloCorn32d ago

Bulk of sales were on pc, they let their greed get the best of them by releasing on last gen consoles though. It feels like some higher ups didnt understand that this game shouldnt be on last gen systems, they could have used all that effort to make the pc version better and get a ps5/series x version out near launch.

anast32d ago

They should have managed their company and delivered and advertised a feasible game.

Stanjara32d ago

Red Dead redemption 2 and GTA v run fine on PS4.

Cdpr didn't have experience with city tech, and that's fine.

Their board and PR on the other hand...
What were they thinking?

JelloCorn32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Great game on pc, they should have just skipped last gen consoles. It might have made them some money short term, but it did damage long term. Not to mention some 56% of sales were on pc, many of which from their own store where they get by far the biggest cut per sale.

jznrpg32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The sales numbers would be different if they actually released something worth playing on console (PC wasn’t good at launch either still and unfinished game unfortunately) . It wasn’t even on the store for months on PS after they took it off for being a broken mess . I bought the PS4 version for less than 20$ but still haven’t played it . I do agree they should have skipped last gen and just launched PC next gen but they wanted that money . But sales would have been a lot different if they release a good game on all generation console/PC

anast32d ago

I agree. People are still having problems on PC. Go over to GoG, it isn't all roses over there. But, yeah, they should have managed themselves like big boys and girls and made a feasible game. This way there would be no need for any of this.

anast32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

In business slang 44% is a F' ton of money. They would have lost not just "some" money.

bacano32d ago

Looking nice, but I'll still take my time to buy it again

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