New PSN Store Sale "Games Under $20" Now Live, Over 300 Games Discounted

Sony has also launched the new PSN Store sale "Games Under $20" that pops up from time to time. Over 300 games discounted and listed here.

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Black-Helghast33d ago

dead cells and darkest dungeon are amazing indie games but darkest dungeon is only for hardcore RPG fans. it's the hardest game I've played.

DeusFever33d ago

But does it have the darkest dungeons of any game you’ve played?

Stanjara32d ago

Darkest is brutal and not good 4 your sanity.

Black-Helghast33d ago

why can't Nintendo have sales like this one? I'd love to play dead cells and hollow knight on the go but I already payed full price on ps4, no way I'm paying full price again

eddieistheillest33d ago

Sony does what Nintendon’t? Jk Nintendo is a little bit stiff with sales.

Army_of_Darkness33d ago

Nintendo is like the apple of smartphones.. High premium prices for basic, mediocre performance.

SegaSaturn66933d ago

Well, Sony does have its problems. Walmart/Amazon have physical copies way discounted below PSN 90% of the time.

People with Digital only consoles get shafted.

JEECE33d ago

People who buy a digital only console clearly have no intention of buying physical games. You can't "get shafted" by not getting to do something you don't want to do. That's like saying people who buy a house away from the ocean "get shafted" because they can't go deep sea fishing. Presumably if they were interested in deep sea fishing, they'd move closer to the ocean.

JEECE33d ago

They do, just not nearly as frequently and they aren't as well publicized on here.

Inverno33d ago

They do have sales it's just they're all mixed in the eShop and you gotta scroll through a laggy store to see what the games are. Specially for indies many are constantly on sale on the switch for a low price. Before Nintendo forced the "$1.99" rule there were occasionally some decent games selling at literal cents.

excaliburps33d ago


Nintendo isn't that overpriced (Apple user here). LOL!

gamesftw25033d ago

Nintendo having sales? Would be nice.

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anast33d ago

I can't get into the style of the article, but thanks for the heads up.