Xbox Gives Incoherent Explanation For ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ Studio Closure

The gaming world is still reeling from the announcement that Microsoft is shuttering Tango Gameworks, the studio behind last year’s big Xbox hit, Hi-Fi Rush.

Reaper22_30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

They have a reason but they don't need to give a explanation. Gamers nowadays think they have a say so in telling people how to run their company. It's not the end of the world, fanboys. Microsoft is gonna due what benefits them the most. It's never been about you. Same with sony. Some of you need to get a grip. The crazy part is that some of the ones complaining don't even own an xbox.

enkiduxiv30d ago

I don’t own an Xbox and I have no real interest in HiFi Rush. I just hate to see a talented group of people lose their jobs when they did everything that was asked of them. You know… the decent, normal reaction to have when something like this happens.

Relientk7731d ago

There's no logical or good reason to give for closing Tango Gameworks. They make great games consistently and Hi-Fi Rush was the highest rated Xbox game in literal YEARS. Closing the studio was just plain stupid and nonsensical.

notachance30d ago

It’s quite strange to not see Phil Spencer in any talkshow or podcast… usually the dude would talk almost daily when there’s even a bit of news from xbox.

Hofstaderman30d ago

Muzzled and/or in on it from the very beginning. You have to be a very stupid person not to anticipate that your division is going to be under scrutiny from shareholders after 80 Billion Dollars worth of acquisitions

Aloymetal30d ago

The beauty of being a CEO here in America is that when your company does well, you get extra money as a reward...
And when your company does badly, you get extra money to encourage you to stick around and lead it through the storm...And at some point, you get to bow out and float toward retirement on your golden parachute, which means and you guessed it, MORE MONEY!! What a deal for snake oil man Phil!!

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-Foxtrot30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Oh god no

You see when shit like this happens he throws Sarah Bond to the wolves

Seriously I only hear from her when it’s the yearly big Xbox showcase or when it’s super bad.

When the whole multiplatform release came out earlier this year he put her front and centre…kept his mouth shut for most of it

shinoff218330d ago

Maybe she's the one pushing

Michiel198930d ago

weird huh for a president of a division to say thing about said division?

Reaper22_30d ago

A game can be successful and still not reach a intended goal. No one likes to see studio closures and lost job but there's always the risk of this happening. At the end of the day the companies are going to do what they want.

TheCaptainKuchiki30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The press is FINALLY calling out his lies and calling for his resignation.
Bakc then they would say amen to all his lies. But he can't lie anymore.

purple10130d ago

Perhaps they think they can sweep this one under the rug, gamers will forget about it,

We will not

They made a good game and you put the whole studio in the bin, this couldn’t be clearer, ms don’t care, everyone suspected it, but now we KNOW it

Amplitude30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

She's kinda got the verbal communication of 3-years-ago Biden trying to say something he knows nothing about.
What she meant to say is: "We wasted our budget for the next couple years buying Call of Duty, and we're moving all our chips to that one series"

It's starting to seem quite obvious that XBox is going to be shutting down most of their studios or selling them off, then focusing on some sort of PC/Console hybrid OS for the next XBox where they can collect royalties Valve style.

esherwood30d ago

To be fair I don’t think there is a good answer, I’d rather her been honest but that probably would have pissed more people of then the word salad route.

Silly Mammo30d ago

Amp- Do you ever get tired of trying to make everything political?

1Victor30d ago

@amp please leave your political red ruby sleepers at the door this is a gaming site or go back to truthfoxnewsmax to comment over there.
It’s obvious that Microsoft is moving on the money now direction guided by their investors watching all the failures from the 3rd quarter of the 360 gen to this generation I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a plan to replace Phil with Bobby as he proved for years he kept making money for activision.

shinoff218330d ago

Bobby jeez that would be an interesting turn of events and they'd certainly go 3rd party

shinoff218330d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Always that one guy bringing politics.

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