Norse Mythology Expert Reacts to God of War

Jackson Crawford, a Norse Mythology Expert & Media Consultant for projects such as Assassin Creed Valhalla and Disney's Frozen, to react to God of War, how it portrays Nordic culture, how authentic God of War's runes are, and more.

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hotnickles128d ago

Awesome informative video. There were a couple things I’ve never heard.

hotnickles128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Are you disagreeing or making a joke haha

The part about tattoos and the meaning of Loki’s name were interesting to me.

VerminSC128d ago

I liked this video. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Thor character model but I get that it’s more accurate to mythology. I also have no doubts that the game will be phenomenal so I can overlook one minor thing I don’t like.

specialguest128d ago

I think it's odd that boy has an American accent while everyone else has an accent that seems more fitting to the world

victorMaje128d ago

This was one of main original issue & that he sounded too modern for the world he was in, but then the gameplay happened :)

I still maintain that original feeling though, I think grown up boi may sound more grounded which may be more fitting.

Daeloki128d ago

In my head-cannon it's just because everyone else in that world are ancient, and he's literally just a kid so it made sense that he would speak more immaturely.

Daeloki128d ago

On his comment about elves and dark elves: If I remember correctly, Mimir at some point explains that both types of elves are actually from Alfheim, two sides of same coin etc, and Svartalfheim is actually only called that because Odin thought dwarves were dark elves. Still isn't based on actual mythology (as far as I know) but still a pretty important detail.

aaronaton127d ago

I would of loved to be in the meeting where they decided that Atreus would be voiced by an American child...
It would be nice to hear the reasons behind it.

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