Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming to PS5 and PC

Naughty Dog is set to release the remastered bundle of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in 2022.

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RaidenBlack253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

So no trilogy for PC?

JEECE253d ago

The Trilogy is already in 60 fps.

Tacoboto253d ago

He asked about PC.

The popular rumor leading in to today was the full five game collection on PC.

JEECE253d ago


Actually he stealth edited after I responded.

LordoftheCritics253d ago

Sony you make me happy. Been wanting to play this on pc.

Tacoboto253d ago

The Nathan Drake Collection doesn't have a PS4 Pro patch leaving these just at 1080p60. I wonder if they're doing more robust changes to bring it up to modern standards (4K and unlocked frame rates) before bringing those three to PS5/PC.

RaidenBlack253d ago

I have doubts now, that ND will at all tinker with Nathan Drake collection any more.
I guess they'll stop at U4.

SlothLordPootus253d ago

@Raiden Did ND do any work on the collection initially? I thought it was all BluePoint?

EvertonFC253d ago

I guess the whole point is too get PC gamers to buy a playstation to buy the other games?

LordoftheCritics253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

I think the whole point is to get more people to experience the game.

Imagine making a movie and only one group of people got to see it? Pc acts like that middle ground between all the console exclusivity. Its the no mans land.

Also if I was a dev, I'd like to see it in its full glory with PC graphics and shooter controls with a mouse.

garos82252d ago

@oh give it a rest LordoftheCritics. Comparing it to movies is beyond idiotic and you do understand the point of exclusives yeah? You know experiences you can only have on a certain machine to encourage people to purchase said machine. I would never want to see Breath of the Wild on Playstation, in fact i want to buy a switch just to experience that

LordoftheCritics252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


''Comparing it to movies is beyond idiotic''

So you're telling me that filmmakers who make movies with stunning audiovisuals would not want their film to get an Imax level of screening? Or the best possible screening and the most reach/set of eyes for their movie? Also why cant we compare it? It is an entertainment/artistic experience.

''You know experiences you can only have on a certain machine to encourage people to purchase said machine.''

Similarly, some movies are best watched on Imax and yet they are still available to be watched on your phone as well. Does not affect Imax sales, ppl who want an Imax experience go for it. If it was Imax exclusive, that would hurt the movie sales. In TV/movies, exclusivity exists and people hate it. Apple tv, netflix, hbo, disney plus etc

''to encourage people to purchase said machine''

Yes those ppl will still buy a PS5, the pc market is a completely different budget lvl and most console gamers may not even buy into the pc market. Here the devc/publisher makes a sale on a platform that is not directly in competition with the exclusive platform they are supporting. A similar budget lvl platform release would be the problem.

LordoftheCritics252d ago


''I would never want to see Breath of the Wild on Playstation, in fact i want to buy a switch just to experience that''

What if every game you liked was on their own exclusive consoles. Would you buy all those consoles? 100 of them?

Tacoboto252d ago

"I would never want to see Breath of the Wild on Playstation"

Oh totally agree, exclusives are sacred, what makes gaming so great! It's disgusting that Alan Wake is going to be coming to PlayStation now too. KOTOR Remake console-launch-exclusive not on Xbox? Total cancer, destruction of gaming as we know it.

Final Fantasy XVI going PS exclusive is totally one-step-forward two-steps-back. It should only be on Nintendo again like the franchise originally exclusively was. At least those vile Xbox cretins aren't getting it so they'll have to spend money on another platform.

That's you, garos.

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NeoGamer232252d ago

Honestly this just looked like a basic port/remaster. All they did was turn up the graphics resolution and framerate. The rest looked exactly like the PS4 version I played.

RaidenBlack252d ago

Depends how much are they charging for existing PS4 owners.

NeoGamer232252d ago

For PS4 owners the update should be free. There is nothing in the video that makes that game significantly better then when I played it on my PS4 Pro. No new content. Nothing.

People have to quit letting publishers off the hook for ports disguised as remasters. I can have an old PC, then go and buy a new PC. I can download all my games again, and play them with the new enhanced settings available on my PC for free. Same with mobile games. But for some reason some console publishers feel that they should be able to re-charge gamers to upscale the resolution and framerate of a game with minor improvements. Remedy's Alan Wake, Uncharted, Call of Duty Cold War, Madden 21, etc. all put a price on being able to run the game on both last gen and current gen hardware. I can't believe gamers fall for that.

I saw Uncharted Lost Odyssey and Alan Wake's trailer.... I'm out on both games. I loved Alan Wake and wanted to love the remaster, but frankly it was a lame attempt to update the game. I was in for it when I heard they had a remaster, but after seeing the trailer I am out.

RaidenBlack252d ago

That's what I meant to say, since the upgrades are minor, it all depends on the cost/charge.
If the damage to wallet is $0, then ok ... basic port/remaster as you say, no harm done.
But any more than that, it all starts to depend on PS's approach to the situation.
A $10 upgrade? $20? $40? A full fat $60?

porkChop252d ago

I did find that really weird. Why would you give PC gamers the end of the story first?

RaidenBlack252d ago

But still ...
Look at what MS have been doing ...
They gave Fable 1, then Fable 3 and then Fable 1 Remastered to PC gamers.
Also, Gears 1, Gears 1 Remastered, Gears 4 and Gears 5.
And ... Halo 1,2,3,ODST,Reach & 4 ... not 5 ... and then Infinite.
PCMR: poker face
MS: Take it or leave it.
Sony: I like that idea.

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Do people who already own these games get a free upgrade?

Muigi253d ago

I hope but probably not.

Tacoboto253d ago

It seems to be a bundled single SKU so that makes it appear to be an instant-no.

Atticus_finch253d ago

It's going to be a free upgrade and a PS5 branded physical is my guess.

252d ago
1nsomniac253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Sony have already clearly stated over the last few days that their first party studios will not be providing any free upgrades from this point forward.

Yea, surprising, N4G hasn’t been taking about that, I know.

Atticus_finch253d ago

Weird because I have played HZD, Ghost, Tlou2, Days Gone, R&C, GOW and they were all free upgrades.

Christopher253d ago

There were multiple articles and opinion pieces talking about it. Please don't lie.

outsider1624252d ago

Well this sucks! I already own UC4 and TLL on PS4. Which means us getting a free update is moot. Considering tlou2 got a free upgrade.

1nsomniac252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

So I’m going to say it again a little slower and louder… “FROM THIS POINT FORWARD” do you understand what that means?

Sony issued a statement that HZD was the last game they will be providing a free patch/update for. Going forward from this point they will not provide any more free updates.

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SoulWarrior253d ago

They gave away UC4 to everyone on the plus collection, so I very much doubt it.

Popsicle253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

I wish the cross gen stuff would end. One of the several reasons is so we are not constantly hearing about and discussing free upgrades or paid upgrade paths. It is time to move on from 8th gen.

kingPoS253d ago

Unfortunately, it's going to continue for a while. So long as PS5's remain hard to come by at retail prices, cross gen games will live on.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Popsicle253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

@kingpos I agree to an extent, but many more systems will be available in 21, 22, and 23. There is know legitimate reason for a company that “believes in generations” to be releasing exclusive triple AAA games across two generations 2 years after their next gen console is released.

kingPoS253d ago

I give it about another year before cross gen games come to an end.

Meanwhile today, September 9 2021, at Walmart Target Bestbuy Gamestop Amazon, you can't find one at msrp short of having the devil's luck while aping a restock app.

All those ps5 five games, returnal demon souls and all the other next gen exclusive games that I can't play on my PS4, alot of people will conclude.. f*** it, why bother, it's not like I'm going get one any time soon.

And that's a problem.

Nothing breeds resentment more than being left (and priced) out. (by scalpers)

Gateway MT6706 2008

EvertonFC253d ago

Jim Ryan said the other day on playsation blog after hzd moving fwd all ps4/ps5 games will have a £10 upgrade fee.

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Jls1253d ago

i wonder if it includes the multiplayer

RaidenBlack253d ago

Slightly unrelated; I was also hoping for the Factions 2 teaser.

Sayai jin253d ago

Countless PC players will.

Atticus_finch253d ago

Plenty will be dying to run those ND graphics.

252d ago
TheRealTedCruz252d ago


The fact there's many storefronts doing very well for themselves says much less than you're trying to make it seem.

TheDibbler253d ago

Why would you not support it?

PC players getting access doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the franchise. If your issue is the PS5 update being a paid one then I could see where you are coming from but in that case you wouldn't have to buy it and you could play the existing game via backwards compatibility.

Atticus_finch253d ago

You don't have too. I was waiting to replay U4 and LL since I figured there would be Ps5 version. I also have no doubt it will be free upgrade. And
PC players will funding the next ND game what's there to hate.

Omegasyde253d ago

I don’t see this as a free upgrade

Atticus_finch253d ago

It isn't free because PC players will be paying for it.

TheRealTedCruz252d ago

Can you stop being obviously salty just because another group gets to play a game?

Sony acquired a company purely to make PC ports. PC people are happy to buy quality games. They're happy to buy PC ports; new or old.

Don't use it as a reason to dunk on them and try to bend logic so somehow it's still a giant win for Playstation only gamers. We both know the timing windows between Sony's releases are going to get smaller and smaller, and more and more games/series will be appearing on PC.

And let's be real; Sony hasn't exactly been great with the "free upgrades" idea as of late. They more and more are finding ways to make sure they're making a little more here and there.

252d ago
Extermin8or3_252d ago

Mate it's not a free update they've literally said there won't be any more free upgrades.

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slayernz253d ago

good for you feeling you need to tell the world you arent gonna play one cares!

Fntastic252d ago

No surprise, the guy is always salty when it comes to PC stuff,he has a lot of hate for it for some reason.

TheRealTedCruz252d ago

Oh no no.

He's totes a huge PC gamer.
He just hates everything about it, and loves to support anything that could hurt it's open ecosystem.

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