'Mass Effect 3' Draws Parallels With Our Own Encroaching Apocalypse

In Mass Effect 3 glad-handing politicians and power-hungry despots strive to get ahead while the oncoming threat overshadows them all.

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sourOG646d ago

I don’t remember pure incompetence folding in on itself in ME3. I’d rather reapers than dimbulb morons running civilization into the dirt. Reapers are a good excuse.

46player646d ago

100% agree! I’d welcome an alien invasion or asteroid to what is unfolding right now.

medman646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

You say that but I have a feeling your tune would change when the aliens pull out the probe for insertion lol. As for the article, every generation feels they may be living in the "end times". Eventually, some generation will be correct.