Interview: The 'Spirit' Of WoW In Resistance 2's Co-Op Mode

Released worldwide and exclusively for the PlayStation 3 last month, Insomniac Games' Resistance 2 will likely be one of the biggest sellers for the system this holiday season and the go-to title for PS3 gamers wanting an online multiplayer shooter for many months to come.

The game features three different modes -- single-player, multiplayer competitive, and multiplayer cooperative. Insomniac's co-op lead designer Jake Biegel spoke with Gamasutra in-depth on the development of Resistance 2's multiplayer co-op mode.

Biegel not only shares how the studio took inspiration from World of Warcraft's "spirit," but how the game scales enemies and bosses to handle both small and large groups of players, and how it mines data from the Resistance community to tune the experience.

Obviously, co-op is something that you guys wanted to differentiate from other modes in Resistance 2. It's very different from anything else that's out right now. Could you talk a little bit about where the inspiration came originally?

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