Insomniac should bring back Resistance now that it's part of Sony Worldwide Studios

With Insomniac Games now under the Sony Worldwide Studios umbrella, the studio could bring a new Resistance game to life.

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PhoenixUp1264d ago

Insomniac didn’t feel all enthusiastic at continuing the series after the third installment

I don’t see how them getting bought out would encourage them to make a fourth game when they could work on another new IP or a sequel to Ratchet & Clank or Spider-Man.

Plus the third game ended on a deserved bittersweet note with a sense of finality against the Chimera. It’d be soul crushing even for this series to make all those sacrifices go to waste

purple1011264d ago

Nah. Just a new killzone from guerilla games please.

Let insomniac do a platform game..

Gaming1011264d ago

Thing is, there can be multiple teams doing multiple projects. One Insomniac team can do Spiderman, another can do Ratchet and Clank, another can do Resistance. It just depends on whether Sony is willing to grow the team enough and pay for more offices to do more work.

Fluttershy771264d ago

@Gaming101 multiple teams like Bioware doing multiple projects

NiteX1264d ago

The last Killzone game was lame. And there's no doubt Horizon 2 is there next game.

Gaming1011264d ago

Fluttershy, Insomniac isn't Bioware, dummy.
There are plenty of publishers with multiple teams running multiple projects. Sony has several studios with numerous ongoing projects and teams. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for plebs to grasp but the disagrees keep coming in lol

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PhoenixUp1264d ago

I prefer another Killzone over another Resistance

Brave_Losers_Unite1264d ago

I dont. I love killing Chimera

UltraNova1264d ago

I want a semi-open world(think GoW) greedy, violent and super heavy atmosphere Killzone with KZ2's controls/feel with the best weapon audio possible and full on stealth elements for additional choice of approach.

As for Resistance (boy do I love this IP) I think Insomniac could do this game justice if they rebooted or continued the story with a different character. I just crave for Insomniac's weapon design ingenuity! As for multiplayer, they can go all out on a BR mode with some asymmetric PvPvE elements thrown in there like huge Chimera beasts dropping into the map at some random point and the team who kills it gets legendary loot.
Man just thinking about a modern Resistance game with a proper AAA BR made by Insomniac makes me salivate.

PhoenixUp1264d ago

I love doing so too, but there has to be context behind it.

Killing the Helghast for example is entertaining gameplay wise as much as it is narrative wise because of all the lore behind it all.

The Chimera were said to have been defeated for good after killing of converting 90% of humanity’s population as well dramatically changing earth’s climate. If after all that the Chimera came back even stronger than ever, then would be far too bleak for there to ever be any reasonable chance of defeating them for good.

Movefasta19931264d ago

Killzone has one game that's very good(2), resistance has three.

PhoenixUp1264d ago

Dafuq? Killzone 3 was received just as well as Resistance 3 was.

And Killzone: Shadow Fall sold more than the last mainline Resistance game, showing that there’s more interest in the former series than the latter

CanadianTurtle1263d ago

KillZone Shadowfall was a borefest. GG has wrote themselves into a hole with the story for that game. I don't know how they're going to fix that.

Resistance has much better gameplay, world building, story, enemy designs, weapon variety, campaigns, etc. In terms of campaigns, Resistance is leagues better. But in terms of online multiplayer, I'd give that trophy to KZ.

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-Foxtrot1264d ago

I'd like to see them reboot it and go back to what Fall of Man was like

They could always do a reboot retelling like they've already done with Ratchet and Clank then do something completely new with a sequel

I'd love if they could restructure Nathan Hale and make him a better all rounded, developed character spanning the entire trilogy. At the end of the second one he could be transported to their world or something

Resistance 3 had a nice ending that closed the book on everything so I wouldn't want them to spoilt that, too many games come back and do the whole "Oh that great evil you got rid of? Yeah it's back"

Yobo51264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I'm still amazed at how little recognition is given to the first resistance from "fans" esp the narration of RFOM during custscenes. Cornelia Hayes did an excellent job as Rachel Parker she gave the world an authentic sense of atmospheric urgency and dread that I haven't seen matched since Halo, It was even more engrossing at times then gears. The multiplater on Resitance 2 though just looked like saints row 3 version of gears...

Knushwood Butt1264d ago

The sound design in RFOM blew me away. Playing that with surround sound headphones was and probably still is awesome.

1264d ago
janus2251264d ago

Ah RFOM! The multiplayer was SO smooth at the time. Even with a 350 mo- 500 mo connection. That was my first online experience back then!

Knushwood Butt1264d ago

Agree. I think the series has run its course. I'd rather see a great new IP.

badz1491264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

they can start with an easy one. Resistance Trilogy Remaster for PS4 and includes trophy patch for RFoM. there is so much win in THAT. BUT...ONLY if they let us have back Resistance 2 MP...THE WHOLE THING!

that would be one hell of a housewarming gift for the fans!

Inzo1263d ago

"It’d be soul crushing even for this series to make all those sacrifices go to waste"

I have always felt that there is room for more. For instance the Chimera could have sent out a distress signal just before the tower/ship blew up to the real threat to humanity or what if thanks to the virus Nathan Hale somehow survived?

darthv721263d ago

There are five games in the Resistance series. I think they could at least take the two portable ones and give them a proper big screen remake, like the GoW portables on the PS3 got.

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ABizzel11264d ago

No. let them work on what they want. I loved Resistance, but Insomniac proved they can work on New Ip and are hitting their Prime with the release of Spiderman, so let them work on what they want, and have a smaller 3rd party remake or remaster Resistance, and see if there's an audience for it.

Fist4achin1263d ago

Agreed. A new IP would be welcome. They've proven they can make a solid FPS, so let's make a new one!

xX-oldboy-Xx1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Insomniac should do whatever they want, they deserve every freedom to deliver the game they want.

SyntheticForm1264d ago


When developers do what they want their products turn out better and we all benefit. When they're ready to do Resistance they'll do Resistance.

TheUndertaker851264d ago

That's why they were independent and claimed to want that independence. If they wanted that freedom they should've stuck to their guns. Not took a payoff.

SyntheticForm1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

You're making it sound nefarious when this is hardly the case. There's a mutual trust here.

They know they'll be free to do what they want under Sony. Total autonomy - of course not, but Sony will likely approve and back anything they do.

This isn't to say Sony won't have any say - they'll likely encourage the immediate continuation of Spider-Man, but I doubt they'll mind and the fans sure won't.

Overall Insomniac is happy and trust Sony, or they wouldn't have taken the deal.

xX-oldboy-Xx1264d ago

TheUndertaker85 - Haha, c'mon mate - Sony will let them do what they want. This acquisition makes sense on every level.

There needs to be mutual respect between publisher and developer.

They'll find that respect at WWS, this is good for Insomniac. WWS has a huge talent pool and they share knowledge and resources amongst each other.

Very excited to see what Insomniac can achieve under WWS.

TheUndertaker851264d ago

“ "It's hard for people in any industry to accept change, especially when you've been focused on doing things one way for so long," said Ted Price, Insomniac's president and CEO, in a recent interview with Polygon. "But as an industry, we're being forced to become comfortable [with], or at least accept, that change will be a constant for us."”

“ According to Price, Insomniac's independence is crucial to its ability to continually adapt to changing circumstances and try new things in all areas of game development. "We've always loved the opportunity to experiment with ... early on, game design models; now, delivery mechanisms and new platforms," he explained. And Insomniac's corporate culture ensures its employees are always challenged to "think creatively about not just game design, but how [they're] delivering [their] games and what audiences [they're] addressing with [their] games."”

“ Insomniac attempted to combine its history of creating hardcore games with a new platform, Facebook, when it began developing Outernauts in 2010. Price explained that the studio wanted to try a new business model but still deliver an experience that core gamers would appreciate. The company turned to Electronic Arts for help with the first half of that equation, and it didn't work out because, as Price put it, "the monetization and viral features that we had put in turned off a lot of the audience that we were hoping to attract."”

“ "I'm very proud of what we did with both those games because we took creative risks," he said. "And I think as a developer, taking creative risks is something you have to continue to do, even if people are telling you that all they want is the same recycled stuff over and over again."”

Movefasta19931263d ago

I think he means that sony shouldn't be too involved when they are making a game, just trust them to deliver if they want to make a new ip

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Imalwaysright1264d ago

Fingers crossed for a RFoM remaster.

xX-oldboy-Xx1264d ago

Fair chance any remaster would be done by BluePoint. They've done amazing work this gen.