Sony, What Happened To Resistance?

After an amazing trilogy, where is the next big game in the Resistance franchise?

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Spurg1646d ago

I'm sorry but Sony's FPS lineup last gen was meh. None of them stood a chance or stood on their own in last gens golden age of FPS. I do not want resistance or killzone, Sony missed their chance to make them relavant.
I honestly think they should keep doing what they are doing with their current lineup and leave Devs like guerilla games and insomniac doing their own thing.

gameseveryday1646d ago

I respectfully disagree, the Resistance trilogy was master class in fun gameplay in SP/MP and in story telling. Specially, Resistance 3...what an underrated gem!

Srhalo1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I wouldn't turn down a Resistance or Killzone, that said Sony has found a market they are basically the only company filling. EA, Activision and even Microsoft ect. pump out shooter after shooter, why go for that market when those companies are leaving the door open for Horizon, Detroit, God of War and Spider-Man.

isarai1646d ago

Same, before Wolfenstein/Doom, Resistance was one of the only arcade shooters that didn't try to cram RPG elements down my throat, was satisfying as hell, and actually kept me interested in what was going on in the story. Hell i've been contemplating rebuying the trilogy just to give it another run as wolfenstain/Doom has really revitalized my urge to play simple arcade shooters

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PhantomTommy1646d ago

I can't say I feel the same way about the first two but yeah, Resistance 3 was an extremely good game. It really saddens me that it just missed out on this old school shooter revival we're seeing at the moment. No one appreciated just how good R3 was when it came out because everyone was still infatuated with soulless, cinematic corridor shooters with a two weapon limit and regenerating health. Damn shame. Hopefully the series will get another shot in the future.

darthv721645d ago

I liked burning skies but its main issue (for me) was being limited to the vita instead of being the beginning of a new trilogy for the Ps4.

brando0081645d ago

@Srhalo Great point. The FPS market is already dominated by other big publishers, so why not double down on other genres? Also somewhat agree with @gameseveryday, I recently picked up the trilogy to finish the first and last games. R3 is definitely underrated and hits that perfect balance, but I can't yet say whether it's a masterclass game outside of the joyous gameplay (Insomniac's forte). Thinking of Bioshock, Halo, and Metro, the expectations are high. Always had a soft spot for Insomniac after the Spyro trilogy and every mainline R&C.

battlegrog1645d ago

i liked the idea a lot and had them but my biggest problem with ps3 was how dam bad the controller was.It was just insanely crappy and even smaller controller than ps2. Thank god they hired an american guy to design the ps4 and ps4 controller. Even though i never got a ps4 i know how much better that controller is.It just killed it for me with that system. Great game though

Nodoze1645d ago

Resistance 3 was utterly fantastic. I loved the change in tone, the more serious story....and I may have been alone in this, but playing it in true 3D is a treat. I still play some of the PS3 3D games. Bonus 140" projection with fun.

UltraNova1645d ago

I loved those games...FoM was the perfect launch game. Good story and pure old school shooter enjoyment through and through.

Sony should imho, do a Resistance Trilogy and /or Killzone Trilogy Remake (like SotC) and gauge people's reaction to them. If we respond (I believe we will) then they should give the green light for a reboot.

That said why not revive Socom as well? It has the potential to be the most harcore BR game out there.

Then there's MAG...Sony is sitting on so many IPs its crazy. But I do have to applaud them for risking and investing in new IPs.

ScootaKuH1645d ago

Would agree that Resistance 3 was very much underrated and is my favourite of the trilogy. Would love to see it return one day.

Killzone on the other hand for me has always struggled to achieve greatness. The nearest it reached was Killzone 2. Killzone 3 was just ok and Shadow Fall I'm just not sure what it is about that game, but it just doesn't click with me.

I'd happily see Resistance return but I think we should let Killzone rest in piece

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AspiringProGenji1646d ago

You don’t want them, that’s okay. Why should Sony make less games becasue of you? It didn’t help that COD was overshadowing every FPS in the market where Sony FPS exclusives were the most affected, but Killzone and Resistance were fun and great series

Resistance needs to make a comeback

blacktiger1646d ago

isarai Good one, FPS Shooter without RPG was so good!

jbull1645d ago

Too many average FPS games were released last gen with everyone trying to copy Halo/COD.

nowitzki20041645d ago

I am sorry, but that is just your opinion.

MIDNIITE_Z3RO1645d ago

Dude, Killzone 3 was baller, no idea what you're talking about!

showtimefolks1645d ago


Don't know what you are talking about killzone 2 had good story campaign and amazing online. Resistance 2 had the best 8 player co-op and to this day I don't understand why one of the most played modes wasn't included in resistance 3

I see killzone making a huge comeback via a sift reboot as a launch title for Ps5

Chevalier1645d ago

Loved the 8 player online co-op. My only complaint was they didn't do more expansions. I would buy a new Resistance day 1. Heck if they remastered and rereleased the trilogy I would be starting up again. Maybe they should get Bluepoint to remaster them.....

Minute Man 7211645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Respectfully agreed. I played the entire trilogy (Resistance) back to back to back and only the 3rd game had a soul. A real gamer would have no problem stating facts. Disagree if you know I'm telling the truth.

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masterfox1645d ago

Probably you are saying Sony's FPS are just meh cause you know Sony FPS's aren't noob friendly coug..coug .COD, cough..Hal..o XD
There is a review of Angry Joe of Killzone Shadowfall and he make a rant cause of the helghast milimetric aiming and most of the time he was just dying lol.

ramiuk11645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

i didnt like resistance but i know alot who did ,i enjoyed killzone 1 and 2 most bu making another isnt something i would ask for...

games like Last of us,Horizon, Detroit, God of War and Spider-Man icant get enough of.

i would lov a new Splinter Cell(but like old Chaos Theory was)

nommers1645d ago

Killzone 2 was easily the best traditional FPS of last gen. It has a unique sense of aiming and movement with emphasis on accuracy and proactive planning, and less on twitch shooting.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1645d ago

Nonsense, Resistance 3 was one of the best SP FPS last gen.

jjb19811645d ago

That's the first time I've seen triple-digit disagrees. Congratulations!

Father__Merrin1645d ago

Why should PS4 have lesser choice on the shelves because YOU say so? I think there should be a new resistance 4 with a huge story akin to how Wolfenstein is ie a very large story campaign

ginsunuva1644d ago

Hmmm.. IMO Resistance and Killzone both kicked CoD's and Halo's (after 3) butts in terms of gameplay and fun factor for mature audiences.

The other ones simply sold more due to marketing and appealing to preteens with easy, rewarding, skill-less mechanics.

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psuedo1646d ago

Already said, but I will state it as well. The market was over saturated with shooters. Enough said. Putting out a brand new shooter would be less of a risk (imo) than a KZ or Resistance. Better yet let's just keep those two on the burner, and reboot Socom to compete with PubG and Fortnite. Well I would prefer it do the Socom thing, but everyone's trying to ride the Battle Royal money train.

As much as humans like familiar things, and want more of the not broken don't fix it analogy damn is creativity dead or what.

jbull1646d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I would be shocked if Sony didn't try and revive Socom and have it as a launch title for PS5 with a battle royale mode to attract the masses.

madforaday1645d ago

Sony already said they don't want to compete with the big shooters that are already on their system (COD, BF and etc.)

A spiritual successor of Socom 2 is getting ported as we speak, H-Hour, to the PS4 which started in March. I am sure Sony is keeping an eye on that game to see if it garner up some attention.

Weeblordbad1645d ago


H Hour is absolute garbage, it runs terrible, feels terrible and it does SOCOM a great disservice being associated with it. Also it just had a scorching hot 32 concurrent users, so REALLY don't get your hopes up for that one.

ArchangelMike1645d ago


I completely agree with you. When I saw the title for this article, I also thought "where is SOCOM, MAG, and
Warhawk?" I mean a gritty battlefield-like Warhawk reboot as a PS5 launch title would awesome!

thatguyhayat1646d ago

We need a resistance game. The franchise is one of the best fps games ive ever played.

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Shinox1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

You seem easily impressed by anything like the rest of N4G camp , are you always the "yes" guy who say yes to anything from Sony despite Sony have a huge library of games that needs to be revived , tbh i'm sick of seeing you being the "yes this yes that" type of guy , its just shows the fanboy-ish side of you more than the gaming side

MetalGearsofWar1645d ago

Its the Sony culture from the PS3 days, where exclusives were overvalued due to not being much of them.
Its ok to not like certain games, I say.

P_Bomb1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Overvalued due to not being much of them? There were more exclusives back then than there are today.

Three Resistance games, two Killzone + an HD port of KZ1, three Uncharted, three Motorstorm, HD ports of all the PSP GOW games + a couple new console GOWs, WipEout, Modnation Racers, LBP Karting, MAG, Socom, Warhawk, Starhawk, Sly Cooper, Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles, a couple inFamous games, a couple LittleBigPlanets, a couple GTs, a couple more R&C:Futures, MGS4, Twisted Metal, Demons Souls, Dragons Crown, Puppeteer, TLOU, PS Allstars, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Journey, Siren, NiNoKuni, a couple more White Knight Chronicles, Tales of Xilia, Yakuzas etc.

Some of the games in that list I bought, some I didn’t. From Insomniac’s vault, I’d buy a Resistance 4 before another R&C or Sunset Overdrive. Nothing to do with culture. I just don’t think R3 was the ending that series deserved. It’s better than a credits epilogue, and bigger than Capelli.

jbull1646d ago

Next gen its an IP that they should try and resurrect probably with a new developer as Insomniac will be doing more Spiderman games. Last gen the market was over saturated with FPS games that maybe make Resistance third person or even open world survival trying to battle the Chimera. Sony seem to have a knack for getting third person games right compared to their history with FPS's.

madforaday1645d ago

Sony liked to be different in terms of their FPS, and they also change the game with each to iteration of the game which doesn't help the game in term of it staying competitive. Killzone 2 was one of the best shooter last generation but people didn't like the weight of how the guns feel. During that time, twitch shooters were the real big thing, KZ2 was not one of those. The game also wasn't perfect either.

Almost all of their shooter PvP games, get changes so drastically which IMO ruins the actual game if the original game was really good. Uncharted 2 had some of the best PvP, but Uncharted 3 totally ruined that concept. Socom 2 to Socom 3 was a HUGE drastic step which showed in sales which were behind Socom 2 and the original Socom. Resistance had a great PvP mode that was VERY competitive at the time. Resistance 2 ruined that by totally changing the formula to cater to bigger PvP games. Sony's PvP games aren't very consistent so people don't know what to expect.

jbull1645d ago

True, and with the success Sony have got his gen without needing a big exclusive FPS I cant see them putting resources in to developing one but they be tempted to make a battle royale game of some sorts.

madforaday1645d ago


They already have 2 BR games on it's system, Sony doesn't like to compete with other big games. Sony's market seems to be heavy on cinematic stories because not many games are doing that. I am enjoying Sony's games more than I am than movies to be honest. GOW and Horizon, blew me away in terms of story and game play. You can get a lot out in a 30 hour video game compared to a 2 hour movie with no control how it plays.

I did hear that Guerrilla Games hired someone who did stuff with Esports, because I am itching a good first party PvP game from them.

jbull1645d ago

The money they may earn from one might tempt them though especially if they can establish one early next gen.

blacktiger1646d ago

My favourite game of all time,