The rules of the they pertain to reviewing games

Globe and Mail: "At the risk of coming off as a stereotypically cantankerous reporter, I'm going to use the following space to discuss a couple of irksome obstacles I ran into this holiday while trying to cover various games.

As many readers will no doubt have guessed by now, publishers often distribute advance copies of popular games to journalists. This practice is essential. Most games take days or weeks to play through, and publishing deadlines often occur long before games hit store shelves. It's the only means by which web sites, newspapers, and magazines can ensure timely coverage of high profile titles.

Unfortunately, I've frequently found it impossible to get my hands on games prior to their release."

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jack who3693d ago

same way reviewers were not sup to talk about the 1hr long cut screen in MGS4?

Graphics Whore3693d ago

Yeah the story to GEoW2 is pretty irrelevant however the story to MGS4 is everything.

Magic_The_Celt3692d ago

^^ Yep couldn't have said it better myself

Jack if your mind is too dimwitted to enjoy a real story and cant go 5 minutes without shooting something, then please

go back to your horde playing on gears 2, enjoy yourself kid.

mesh13692d ago

yhaha mgs4 iis average and crap and hahah funny sony droids are funny

InMyOpinion3692d ago

And they didn't even get to review the online part of MGS4. Because it sucked.

It's obvious Epic didn't want reviewers to spoil the story.

Magic_The_Celt3692d ago

Thats because MGO is considered a seperate game to MGS4

get your facts right next time kid.

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STFUAJPG3693d ago

No big deal. They just didn't want to spoil the game for people.

Edge Maverick3693d ago

Doesn't make much sense. What they should be angry about is how this game scores AAA with no resistance while critics complain about Killzone 2's color scheme. Ho-ho, now THAT'S where I wonder where media control REALLY LIES!!!

cactuschef3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

No biggie. If all they told them not to write about was spoilers then fine by me. i hate having games/movies/books ruined by someone else. Someone ruined the Saw movie before i saw it. Worse yet someone ruined fight club for me.

Jerkapotamus3693d ago

When there was all that hubbub about not being able to mention the length of cut scenes in MGS4, I recall IGN saying that a list of story points not to be mentioned was pretty standard for a game. The deal with not mentioning the length of cut scenes was unusual, but within the rights of the publisher.

In this case, we're just talking about story spoilers, which IGN indicated was standard. This makes me think the guy writing this article doesn't have the best relationship with publishers, since he's complaining about something that's standard.

Danja3693d ago

but I see nothing wrong with them not wanting to spoil the game for alot of ppl..

I would have been pissed if a reviewer told me how R2 ended in a review

The Killer3692d ago

its not like a review can never be changed on the game!!

these tricks shouldnt work on professionals but i can see that most reviewers r fanboys or payed to give a certain score!!

only few do their jobs right!!

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Radiodread3693d ago

is a masterpiece and a work of art. Gears of War 2 is far from a masterpiece or a work of art.

N4PS3G3693d ago

dude shut up..everything is relative

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gamfreak3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

did it too, it another way to not spoil the game as a whole.

FantasyStar3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Report the User and story for deliberately making up a title.

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