Shadow of the Tomb Raider Update Released for 4K Support in 60fps Mode on PS5

Eidos has released a new Shadow of the Tomb Raider patch, and this adds 4K resolution support to the 60fps mode on PS5.

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StoneyYoshi59d ago

Good to know I haven't touched this game yet. Now I have to try it out.

Nitrowolf259d ago

Yeah a nice reason, I haven’t played it either

CobraKai59d ago

Same here. It’s just not a high priority game in my back log.

LegoIsAwesome58d ago

Would be nice if Final Fantasy XV get the same treatment too.

Teflon0258d ago

I'm maybe wrong since they changed it 40 times from release but a swear they have a res mode with unlocked frames already. Or did they remove it?

CaptainHenry91659d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Cool even though I already played this on PC

foker59d ago

Very nice was only 10% in ,.. so will finish it on PS5.

SlothLordPootus59d ago

Well, glad I kept this in my backlog.

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The story is too old to be commented.