Skyrim Retrospective: An RPG Classic?

Skyrim, an undeniably important game, has never really grabbed me. But why not? It's time for a retrospective to find out.

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ZeekQuattro73d ago

I get lost in this game whenever I play it. I just dont want to stop playing. I need resources to build my mansions after all. Lmao

anast73d ago

I've got to admit 2011 was a great time for sandbox games both Minecraft and Skyrim came out around that time.

enkiduxiv73d ago

Dark Souls and Witcher 2 both released in 2011. Classic or not, Skyrim was the third best rpg to release that year.

TheGreatGazoo3073d ago

Dark Souls isn't the same type of game at all. It's only a RPG in the sense that you level up, which most games do now. Witcher 2 was great, but not truly an open world game. Witcher 3 is my favorite game all-time, but I preferred Skyrim back in 2011 for the scope, depth, and all you could do. Witcher 2 was a better story for sure.

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CaptainHenry91673d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Both of those game's was more fun to me though. I would find myself getting bored in Elder Scrolls even though I beat it. But it took Mr months to go back where as the Witcher always kept me playing it. I just like the fun factor more. It's hard for me to get into FPS RPGs. Fallout is the same way. Funny thing is when I mod Elder Scrolls it's a better experience

enkiduxiv73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I agree that Dark Souls is a very different type of RPG, but there is more to it than level up mechanics. Your actions or lack there of determine the fate of several npcs and you get to choose between two drastically different endings that change the game world in significant ways. That's more of a role playing experience than Skyrim.

OhReginald73d ago

Jesus chri... here we go again. The souls games are 100% RPGs. You pick a class, you do quests, you talk to npcs for side quests and buy items like any other rpg has, you can grind to your hearts content, your actions effect the story in minor and major ways and all of the games provide multiple endings based on your decisions made throughout the game. Oh and it's a JRPG as well. It's a rpg made in Japan with Manga/ anime influences such as berserk.

I can understand zelda or monster hunter not not being a rpgs. But the souls games are 10000% rpgs.

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CaptainHenry91673d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I'm more of a fan of third person RPGS like Witcher, Dark Soul's, and Bloodborne because I feel like you can do more in third person. Elder Scrolls was great but I always felt like they were to easy for me and really not a fan of first person RPGS. Witcher 3 is still my favorite RPG and the souls games gives me more of a challenge. Can't wait for Elden Ring in 3rd person

BrainSyphoned73d ago

Only game I own on 6 different platforms so I guess it's my favorite?

ApocalypseShadow73d ago

If you play it for the first time in VR, I'd say, "yes indeed." Definitely a classic.

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The story is too old to be commented.