Deathloop Won't Release On "Other Consoles" Until September 14, 2022

Sony has recently shared a new trailer for Deathloop. The YouTube version of this trailer has confirmed the timed exclusivity period for the game.

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Sciurus_vulgaris79d ago

I wonder how much it would have cost Microsoft to buy out the exclusivity deals of Death Loop and Ghost Wire Tokyo? Sony likely put a lot of funding into both titles.

Lightning7779d ago

Highly doubt MS would rid the contract. Though they could easily get out of the contractual agreement, MS would definitely honor and hold to their word on its exclusive obligations on Sony's platform.

Michiel198979d ago

the whole purpose of a contractual agreement is that you CANT get out of it easily.....unless you mean paying a huge sum of cash but i dont consider that easy, rather costly.

Redemption-6479d ago

MS does not have a choice. They can claim they will honor the contract, but in reality they have no choice but to honor the contract, unless they want to renegotiate the contract with Sony and I will bet you, Sony is going to ask for far more money than they invested in the deal.

Knightofelemia78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


There are ways to keep the contract going you can also circumvent the contract tweak a few things in the game add new levels or character to the game. But yes to get out of a contract it does have a lot of stipulations and can cost a pretty good chunk of change. To allow the game on other platforms Namco did that with Tales of Vesperia when they had an exclusive contract with Microsoft Japan saw Tales of Vesperia on PS3. Tecmo also had an exclusive contract with Microsoft with Ninja Gaiden Tecmo tweaked the game where they circumvented their contract and Ninja Gaiden also appeared on PS3 as Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

solideagle79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

it's better for MS in the long run if you think about it. Imagine both games become huge hits, MS will have 2 new IPs and could potentially make it in huge (exclusive) series on Xbox and PC only.

79d ago
jznrpg78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I don’t think it will be a huge hit for either . Sell decently possibly but huge?? I’d doubt it .

itsmebryan79d ago

Why would they? They have Sony showcasing the games at their shows, paying to advertise a games that they will collect money from Sony's customers. Sounds like a win for Microsoft. All they have to do is sit back and collect the money.

The more money Sony spends on hyping the games the more money Microsoft makes. That sounds like a win win for Microsoft.

Gamepass has alot of games coming coming out over the next year and a half so, it really won't be missed. Plus when we get it, it will be hopefully totally patch and free with gamepass and not $70.

mkis00779d ago

By your logic why dont they release everything on ps then? Its a win win?

itsmebryan79d ago

Microsoft would if Sony would allow Gamepass. But, Sony won't. Look how long it took Sony to approve EA play because "it was bad for their customers. " nothing changed now they allow it.

Lightning7779d ago

@michiel Right, MS would breach the contract and pay Sony a hefty fee if they did break the contract. MS wouldn't "dishonor" the contracts clause in anyway. That's anti-consumer right there.

But if MS Really wanted to they definitely could. If they can but and entire game company and publisher in one fell swoop they could find their way out of a contract. They won't, nor they should, but saying they could if they really wanted to.

Orchard78d ago

I don’t think MS would buy their way out of this exclusivity deal.

If it was a bigger game, maybe - but does anyone really expect Deathloop to be a big deal? It looks average at best.

S2Killinit78d ago

It would cost MS much more than it would cost Sony.

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Sonyslave379d ago

Yup figures lucky MS owns zenimax they can put this on game pass pc and i think play this maybe on xbox series x web browser lol.

Thundercat7779d ago

This game looks very average and like Dishonored with another skin. The game is going to be forgotten very quickly.

Darkborn79d ago

I also think returnal coming out earlier this year will also diminish the wow factor. It sounded kinda cool last year, but after playing returnal, I kind of think it's going to feel dull in comparison. And like other people say, it does look almost like a dishonored skin.

Dirty_Lemons79d ago

Couldn't agree more. Watched the latest State of Play footage yesterday and man, it looks like Dishonored x Returnal. It could be very fun, but I'm unsure if it'll have that wow factor you mentioned.

chronoforce79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Arkane has a long history of making Immersive sims. The Clockwork Mansion and Arimus Stilton's Mansion in Dishonoured 2 were brilliantly executed and amongst the most memorable levels in a game last gen. It looks like Death Loop will somewhat retain their historic approach to game design so I don't think playing a game like Returnal will dull Death Loop at all.

EmperorDalek78d ago

What? Deathloop hardly looks anything like Returnal.

TheRealTedCruz79d ago

Entirely different setting. Entirely different narrative; and using mechanics similar to an award winning series, made by an award winning developer.

Why exactly do you know the game will simply be forgotten?

generic-user-name79d ago

An award winning series that didn't sell as much as they hoped. Hence no dishonored 3.

CaptainHenry91679d ago

I always felt like Dishonored copied Bioshock

TheRealTedCruz79d ago


Because sales equates to the quality of the work, right?


I like Bioshock, but until the day it has the verticality, as well as the range of mission structure and player agency as Dishonored, it's a passing similarity at best.

John_McClane79d ago

I'm sure that narrative would be different if Sony had bought the developer.

CaptainHenry91679d ago (Edited 79d ago )


What I mean is it's inferior compared to Bioshock especially Bioshock Infinite. Dishonored didn't feel original at all

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LordJamar79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Not really it’s just not made for y’all, all their games are high quality and praised but they are kinda niche it’s just not made for you types

Not every game is made for everyone

RosweeSon79d ago

Not if it’s half a good as their previous games

King_Noctis78d ago

So what new exclusive do you play in the immediate future if this game ends up bad?

Seraphim78d ago

I don't think it will be forgotten very quickly. Personally I never cared much for Dishonored, in large part, I think, due to it's controls/feel/gameplay [something along those lines] but the franchise is cherished and well respected. As is the studio. I'm not sure how the Dishonored franchise has sold on each console specifically but I expect MS gamers & fans of Arcane Studios/Dishonored to still pick up and enjoy Deathloop when it inevitably releases on XB &/or other platforms. For those who enjoy Arcane games it's likely to be remembered for some time. Assuming it delivers and meets the expectations of those fans.

Yui_Suzumiya78d ago

It looks like 1 of maybe 5 good games this year.. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Resident Evil Village, Life is Strange: True Colors and Mass Effect Legendary Edition being the other 4.

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VersusDMC79d ago

How is it not news? It's the xbox/PC release date.

RosweeSon79d ago

That’s been known for months where ya been
😑🤷🏻‍♂ ️🤣 it was may got pushed back being as the 12 months was already announced at that point didn’t take a genius nor a whole article to figure out and change the 2021 to a 22 🤣

King_Noctis78d ago

“ Didn't say it wasn't news.”

So what did you want to say in your original comment?

John_McClane78d ago

I said it already, slow news day.

King_Noctis78d ago

“I said it already, slow news day.”

So it means you don’t want them to report on this?

Hawk19866679d ago

Who cares game looks rubbish

RosweeSon79d ago

Don’t buy it then. 🤷🏻‍♂️🥴

King_Noctis78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I can guarantee you that hadn’t MS bought Bethesda, this game would have been viewed (by the PS fanboy like yourself) as one of the greatest game coming out this generation.

Vx_78d ago

Not true, only in your insecure, imaginary little world of yours, so keep your “guarantee” thank you very much.btw, This looks average at best.

dbcoops78d ago

Why is anyone saying the game looks "rubbish" automatically a "PS fanboy" according to you, this is a multiplatform game in the long run so what does brand loyalty have to do with it at all? Maybe he just legitimately thinks it looks bad which is an opinion he's entitled to without you getting triggered about it and calling him some kind of fanboy, in fact its your reaction to his comment that screams fanboying. Relax.

King_Noctis78d ago

“ Not true, only in your insecure, imaginary little world of yours, so keep your “guarantee” thank you very much”

How long have you been on this site?

DOMination-78d ago

Deathloop announced by Bethesda at E3 2019

Check the comments. Everybody was super pumped for this game back when it didn't have anything to do with big bad evil Microsoft.

Jericho133778d ago

Yep, people have openly admitted on this site that they won’t buy the game solely because Arkane is part of Microsoft now. I guess Sony wasted their time and money with this exclusivity agreement then.

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