Bjorn3d: LeadTek WinFast GTX 260 Extreme+ Review

Bjorn3d writes: "And so it is that Nvidia has come to answer the HD 4800 series video card onslaught from ATI with their third and latest addition to the GTX-200 series, the new and improved GTX 260 utilizing 216 stream processors (up from 196). And there's nothing crazy about that. What is crazy though is Nvidia's naming scheme. Although the new GTX 260 with increased SP's is planted firmly between the original GTX 260 and their top-of-the-line GTX 280, Nvidia has chosen to maintain the 260 designation, and instead allows vendors to provide their own naming scheme to this most recent combatant to enter into the theater of operations. LeadTek has entered the fray with the Winfast GTX 260 Extreme+."


+ Great Performance
+ 216 Stream processors
+ Factory Overclocked
+ Lots of Oveclocking Potential
+ Excellent Power Consumption
+ SLI & Tri-SLI certified
+ Quiet Fansink
+ Great for Folding When Not Gaming


- Loud Fan at 100%
- 10.5" Length May Cause Full Tower Chassis Envy
- Only One Card in Each Box
- I Don't Own Any PhysX Capable Games

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