Yuffie Was Chosen Over Vincent For Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC Because He's Canonically Sleeping

From TheGamer: "Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine were optional characters in the original Final Fantasy 7, so you could play through the entire game without ever recruiting them. But with coming chapters of the ambitious remake, they are now poised to become permanent members of your party."

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FallenAngel198475d ago

Well obviously, unless they wanna have a DLC about his dreams

lucian22975d ago

Literally this is so common sense lmao

74d ago
lex-102074d ago

Yea but the article had this great line:

"As for whether or not the likes of Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and all of the other spin-offs are considered canon in this universe, Toriyama-san describes Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a “coming together” of all these different materials."

We all already knew this took place after Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. Anyone who played the game to the end would have figured that out. This isn't a secret.

SDuck74d ago

Kingdom Hearts is Vincent's dreams confirmed

curtain_swoosh74d ago

dont you start giving nomura ideas, stop it! haha xD

-Foxtrot75d ago

Buuuut Yuffie was never in Midgard if we are going by canon so….

Should have been a DLC focused on Biggs, Wedge and Jessie

lucian22975d ago

That combat would be immensely boring as they aren't really for actual fighting. That's why they have cloud and barret.

Yuffie could easily stray to midgar, you don't know she wasn't there as the original never said she was or wasn't.

Even then enough events changed in the Canon story to allow her to come Vincent however is in a coffin, and while it would still be possible to be let out early that'd remove a cool boss fight encounter for the cast.

-Foxtrot75d ago

I don't know man, I saw some bits in the game where they could fight, maybe not as over the top as Cloud and the gang but they could

Jessie, in some ways, could have played like Yuffie

Just seems like they forced Yuffie in to sell the DLC with a familiar face...

Michiel198974d ago

@fox i mean in the original Yuffie literally popped up out of nowhere. I dont even think we had heard anything about her hometown by then. I dont think its that forced, its more setting her up for the next part if they follow the original and have her pop up out of nowhere or something similar. If they didnt set something up for her before she joins your party, then it would either become her story being as uninteresting as it was in the original, or have a crapton of expositionary (struggling with this word) dialogue to set her up as a fleshed out character.

Ataraxias74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Yuffie/Cloud can fall from multiple stories and not take real damage. Jessie falls off a porch and is out of commission. There's a clear difference in the way people are built in the FF7 world.

djl348574d ago

There is literally nothing in canon stating that she wasn't in Midgar. So cry more.

MeteorPanda74d ago

l mean...we don't know that - yuffie is found randomly out in fields, she's a roamer.

it makes sense she'd visit midgar

curtain_swoosh74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

true, however you can encounter her on the same island.
i think it was perfect to make her appear in a dlc. it gave her more of a reason to go with cloud and co.

her VA was also a perfect fit for her character, so i was happy enough ha.

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Nerdmaster74d ago

They made such a big deal on how this is a different timeline and how they're changing everything, but now they're using the canon to justify their choices?

OhReginald74d ago

But does the Canon even matter anymore? Like come on now....

TheColbertinator74d ago

Exactly. Not even a remake more like a spiritual reinterpretation.

NukeDaHippies74d ago

That term is pretty accurate and pisses me off lol

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