Final Fantasy VII Remake Cutscenes Changed With New Patch, Comparison Inside

A new patch for Square Enix's action role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, has brought changes to certain cutscenes.

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Sgt_Slaughter81d ago

If you can't go without breasts in a cutscene, you need help

Rebel_Scum81d ago

Should’ve ended that sentence with either “you maggot” or “you puke” Sarge

Barlos81d ago

Well bloody hell, I guess I need committing then. Stick me in a padded cell

Eonjay80d ago

People need serious help if you 'need' to stare at a minors breasts. And some of you admitted that so at least we have acknowledgement. Can we not sexualize children? It shouldn't be considered progressive. I think the mass majority of people regardless of political view aren't into to kiddie boobs.

CrimsonWing6980d ago

look, man... why support censorship in any way? Forget the cleavage, it's the principle. Do you like owning the cable television edited version of a movie or do you want the original R-rated version?

I'd be just as irked by this if WB Games put out a patch that censored all the swearing and gore in an MK game. So, regardless of how you feel about boobs being covered up in the game, it's the principle of censorship that gets most people. I couldn't care less if she wore a sports bra from the beginning, what I hate is people covering my eyes and ears like I'm a 5-year old telling me, "This is too inappropriate for you."

So, yea, censorship is dumb as f*ck regardless of the content. Changing something that's already established that nobody made a big deal about, and nobody is getting their rocks off to (let's be real here), all because people get uncomfortable with boobs is dumb, plain and simple.

Like, give me a f*cking break here...

AdonisIsBeast80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Yea, apparently you’re incapable of comprehending the point of the complaint. As another user mentioned, it’s principal. These are fictional characters in fictional worlds, it gives most people no pleasure see “the cleavage” as used in this example. The entire point is that we are all getting sick and tired of these fake and unnecessary DEI and ethics departments censoring media simply for the sake of it. Unless theres nudity, they should leave it alone.

Babadook780d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I prefer the before, but I won’t make a mountain out of a molehill. (No pun intended)

CobraKai80d ago

It’s about the needless censorship.

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andy8581d ago

I mean she is portrayed as being 15 in the scene. I don't really consider it woke to cover up a child (begs questions why they did it in the first place though).

Rocketisleague80d ago

In the original nomura was going nuts with child panty references and such. Look it up

k2d80d ago

Devil's advocate here.. who's doing the objectification here though? How would progressives react if teenagers where asked to not show skin and cover up their feminine traits? No bare shoulders. No hair. No make-up etc.. 20-30 years ago the main stream tune was the complete opposite, and games where under attack from conservatives and we had to defend games from them. Now publishers are pre-emptively chastising and censoring to please left AND right, depending on which region of the world their trying to up ease.

dmonee79d ago

Alot of Japanese animation, cartoons, video games, are SuS, when it comes to sexual exploitation lol.

Gamingsince198180d ago

She's not anything , she's not a real person, she was never born, they could make her nude and no harm would be done to anything but the minds of people that can't tell real life from video games.

OMGitzThatGuy80d ago

Black rock is against sexualizing minors? Those demons!

AdonisIsBeast80d ago

Actually they’re FOR exploiting children and promoting puberty blockers and life altering hormone treatment for minors. Do your research

qalpha80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

BlackRock is apparently FOR sexualizing minors. They (along with Disney) were vehemently against the Florida parental rights bill (better known as the 'don't sexualize young elementary kids' bill).

banger8881d ago

"It’s unclear why Square Enix opted to make this change around 4 years after the game’s release."

Because some progressive, blue-haired freak started quivering uncontrollably and frothing at the mouth?

CrimsonWing6980d ago (Edited 80d ago )

What’s weird about it? Females wear low cut shirts all the time, do you bust a nut over it? No… well, I’d hope not.

This is a person who has breasts that wore a low cut shirt, the end. It’s not child porn and nobody in hear was fapping to it.

When you go to a mall and some 15 year old has cleavage showing do you run up and throw a bed sheet over her? I mean Geezus you see more with swimsuits…

Our culture is so weird. We have people championing women for doing OnlyFans as such a brave and empowering decision. I see celebrities barely wearing anything on the red carpet exposing their nipples and butt cheeks and everyone is gawking at how amazing the outfit is.

A freaking game has a fake character that in no way looks 15 and in no way is oversexualized, but had a shirt with cleavage in what, a 30 second scene, and suddenly that’s where we draw the line… like what world am I living in?

andy8580d ago

Just personally find it weird. But what is actually weird is the people who are complaining about it. If she was 12 is that suddenly not OK. 10? There's a reason stuff like that isn't shown in media on children. You'll obviously see it in real life but doesn't mean it's right.

gold_drake81d ago

yes and to make it more in line with Rebirth. shes wearing a black undershirt in that game. consistency.

the japanese definetly didnt care if she has one on or not ha.

Barlos81d ago

Sweet Baby Inc is probably the reason

I_am_Batman81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Seems much more likely that the team simply wanted to prevent perverts from zooming in on the cleavage of a 15-year-old in photo mode. I'm pretty sure the Nibelheim flashbacks in Remake were only a couple seconds with a fixed cutscene camera, so that wasn't much of an issue until Rebirth where this character model is obviously used a lot more.

Maybe you guys should hold your horses until you've played the game and stop jumping to conclusions. I've already got spoiled about a scene that happens later on in the game and it certainly didn't fit your hypothesis of Square bending the knee to oversensitive "progressives" with an allergiy to attractive females.

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franwex81d ago

They wanted to have consistency with the new character model. That basically it.

Why not make the new character model resemble the design of 4 years ago though?