Metro Exodus: The Next-Gen Difference

Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is one of the best showcases for ray-tracing technology on current-generation consoles.

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SyntheticForm83d ago

It's awesome on PS5, and I actually consider it to be something of a masterpiece.

This level of storytelling, immersion, and atmosphere aren't common in the FPS genre. The game's world is just jam-packed with detail.

Really love the franchise, and Exodus utterly succeeds at retaining the distinct Metro feel while evolving and being more open-ended.

TheRealTedCruz83d ago

Exodus was basically the spiritual successor to STALKER before it was known STALKER 2 is actually going to be a thing.

SyntheticForm83d ago

All this time being a Metro fan I've barely paid any mind to Stalker. I know very little about it other than the obvious engine/asset similarities.

Stalker 2 looks very interesting to me though and from what I've seen, I'm ready to jump into it with S2.

Yui_Suzumiya83d ago

I was following STALKER 2 before or around the time Metro 2033 first came out. I'd say about 2010.. then GSC shut down, then reopened and then shut down and now finally this thing is getting done. Third times a charm.

TheRealTedCruz83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It's a really cool series.
It's not as visceral as the Metro series, and doesn't tell as engaging a story, but there's a lot more focus on the survival aspects and playing sides with the different factions. The combat is also a lot more a simulation than Metro's more typical FPS combat.

Not sure if you have a decent PC, but if you could run it with the complete mod, the game looks a lot better than a game its age deserves to be. And it adds some balances and tweaks to the experience.
The entire series can probably be has for dirt cheap too, with all the sales.

seanpitt2383d ago

It’s a good game but I find the movement awkward I am only 5 hours in.. but it’s visually impressive

Espangerish83d ago

This game is surprisingly underrated. One of the best single player adventures of the last generation. You really felt like you’d been on an epic journey with it.

SyntheticForm83d ago

Just got the plat and beat the game on Ranger Hardcore. So, so good.

Muigi83d ago

I had to uninstall it, I couldn’t do the snail pace character movement even on max sensitivity.

Firebird36083d ago

Too bad they couldn't get the hdr implementation correct.

Aussiesummer83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

"Raytracing throughout" is very misleading, not all light sources are ray traced, there are still static lights placed throughout like the church windows in the Volga mission for instance and some baked lighting in dark scenes, also a lot of faked or outright missing shadows when shing your torche, also some very distracting sparkling ray noise in spots.
I was rather deflated after finding these and felt lied to when considering both the trailer and digital foundrys peice.

Welshy81d ago

It's ray traced global illumination, not ray traced reflections, light sources etc. There's a big difference between ray traced local light source and ray traced GI.

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