Metro Exodus Animator Passes Away Fighting Against Russians In Ukraine

Andrii Korzinkin died performing a "combat mission."

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deadfrag64d ago

Rip.Dead to the Russian Invader!

XbladeTeddy64d ago

Died fighting for something he believed in. So sad but so honourable. May he rest in peace now.

LucasRuinedChildhood64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Andrii seemed like a great man. It's worth reading through the responses.

It's such a disgusting situation.
- Mass graves are being uncovered with civilians and children. The Russian war crimes seem quite extensive.
- Ukrainians are making up ground but with loads of Russian soldiers on the way, it will still be tough for them.
- Genuine threat of tactical nukes being used on Ukraine.
- Loads of disorganized Russian conscripts will soon be killed because of Putin's ego, which is also terrible.

This invasion is a waste of life that achieved nothing - a good way to sum up Putin. Shame on the people who made excuses for his actions.

Crows9063d ago

Just and unjust wars acheive nothing but mass killings.
War crimes are committed in every single war by all sides. It's a matter of whether or not they're caught.

Palitera64d ago

But before dying, did the honourable man achieve his goal of killing people like him from the other side?

blackblades64d ago

RIP, F Putin and anyone that supports him, support the war and trump

neutralgamer199264d ago

F the politics man if you think Biden is any better than that's on you. His government has destabilized the world economy. And they spend 300 million ousting elected government in Pakistan

Wrong is wrong and killing innocents is wrong. This world is in chaos now and there is no end to all this fighting in sight especially when nuclear weapons are involved

343_Guilty_Spark64d ago

Has nothing to do with what he said

GhostTurtle64d ago

Dude, brought up trump, so it's kinda relevant

ToddlerBrain64d ago

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Point blank period.

kneon64d ago

It was trump that tried to block military aid to Ukraine as part of his attempt to extort the Ukrainians into making up fake dirt to make Biden look bad. Had Ukraine been better equipped from the start then maybe this would never have happened. Almost like trumps owner Putin told him not to help Ukraine

fr0sty64d ago

Let's not bring up the guy who gave Russians top secret intel and had the records of what was said during his meetings with them destroyed, then stole top secret nuclear secrets that he did god knows what with... his name needs to be left out of this (and everything else).

neutralgamer199264d ago

I am not defending any war or any government. But please keep an open mind and actually do some research

Yeah let's not bring up a guy who didn't start a single new war and instead talk about the one we have who has messed up world economy

Btw all Putin said was don't join nato and no war but Ukraine rather have it's people killed over joining NATO and now the whole country is destroyed and we are much closer to a damn nuclear war because of this nonsense

His government didn't like the fact Imran Khan didn't call him after he won and said he wouldn't let USA army use Pakistani army bases. HBO didn't even have the government permission to air the full 45 minutes interview because someone said absolutely not to American government


Man whatever it all is connected and y'all don't want to open your damn eyes


Sure bro whatever helps you sleep at night. Facts aren't acceptable to many because they want to live in their own reality

blackblades64d ago

Biden isnt the one causing chaos in this world. Putin started a war over land a land which he already attacked before. Trump caused chaos in this country people got hurts and there still morons that are manipulated by this fool and Trump and most of his brainless flock supports Putin agenda just because of Trump. If you disagree then align with the evil

neutralgamer199264d ago


First of all not trying to defend any political parties. I do my own research and don't just believe what media is saying

This is a senseless war which could be the stepping stone for a WW3. Sadly when politicians start wars they and their families are safe while innocents lose

As far as trump goes since bush SR he is the only president not to start any new wars and authorized the least amount of drone attacks. Biden came in and honestly just same old same old politics and destabilization of other countries

Putin told Ukraine don't apply for NATO membership because Russia fears that natio force on their border isn't good but instead Ukraine president decided otherwise and now so many innocents on both sides have lost their lives and the biggest thing is we are on the brink of a possible nuclear war

BTW china and India have not criticized Russia, they are openly buying oil and weapons from Russia and doing business and when USA and Europe tried to put pressure on China and India their governments said we will do what's right for us. We in USA don't realize there are some major powers around the world supporting Russia

Once again read news from around the world

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frostypants64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The hell does Trump have to do with Russia invading Ukraine? I can't stand the guy and heaven help us if he ever gets elected again but Trump derangement syndrome is real...

"It's raining outside. Bummer. Stupid Trump!"

"Ew. Ketchup. Gross. Also, Trump."

blackblades64d ago

They both cause unnecessary chaos in this world and like I said F both of them and all the others.

Umb64d ago

From where I sitting, I think it is a well know condition called TDS. I agree with neutralgamer, keep an open mind and do some actual research and stop listening to the MSM. Look up Ukraine pre 2014 and post 2014, also something called the Minsk Accord.

If people think Biden has nothing to do with Ukraine, I think Hunter's laptop says otherwise. Why is it that billions of dollars is sent to Ukraine with no oversight on where and how the money is spent.

Just because I question and do not blindly believe what I've been feed does not make me any eviler than the next person, what is does tell me is I at least have some form of critical thinking. People need to look at this objectively and analyse all information on both side before forming an opinion on the situation, because both sides deploy propaganda and misinformation to control the narrative.

They're all cut from the same cloth and war is nasty busy but very profitable for some.

Nintentional63d ago

Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine with Trump in office.

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