Here Are The Games Leaving PS Plus Extra/Premium In February 2023

PS Plus subscribers have a lot to play with the addition of Extra and Premium to their subscription service but some games are leaving the service as well.

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DefenderOfDoom257d ago

I put about 50 hours into playing Sparkle Unleashed.

SurgicalMenace57d ago

Sparkle is a very addictive experience.

Babadook757d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Nice reminder.

I added Vice City and Metro Exodus.

Mr Logic57d ago

It doesn't work like that. Extra works just like Gamepass or Netflix. Once the game is gone from Extra, then you can't play it. It does not function like regular PS+ where you "claim" the game and then can play it in perpetuity as long as you have an active account.

Knushwood Butt57d ago

Yep, I confirmed this with RDR2 a couple of months ago.

CobraKai56d ago

Is there an average life span for a game before it gets removed? I have a few games on GP I started but couldn’t finish cuz they’re gone. Now there’s this feeling of having to playthrough games before they go. I shoulda just bought em outright.

jznrpg56d ago

6 days is enough time for for Metro . Probably not for Vice City though I’ve never played it

Pedrof56d ago

Guess I'll hurry on playing Saint's Row 3 Remastered.


How come content gets removed? Also why are there barely and ps1 ps2 ps3 games on there.

Smitty202056d ago

Wish they would just add more classics

jznrpg56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I believe they want trophy support before they put it on the service so they have to patch them in first .
I hope they do get the best jRPGs of PS1/2, actually just about all JRPGS would be my preference but that’s asking a lot especially since they don’t own many of the IPs. They do own IP they haven’t put on it yet . The service is new so there is still hope for more .
Unfortunately it’s very possible we are the minority who want old games on the service and mainstream want PS4/5 games mainly is my guess.
I am going to post wherever I can and let Sony know many of us older fans want a lot more PS1/2 games on the service or even just to purchase would be fine with me but preferably both .
Hopefully they do more games like they did Arc the Lad , Rogue Galaxy , Dark Cloud 1&2 , Okage etc . But I agree they need more .
I only want the old games with trophies as I’m sure I own just about everything I would want to play but my versions don’t have trophies.

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