Metro Exodus PS4 saves won’t transfer to PS5, but there’s a new chapter unlock feature

4A Games has confirmed that Metro Exodus PS4 saves can’t be transferred to the newly launched PS5 version of the game. Save transfers on Xbox work on a chapter-to-chapter basis, thanks to Smart Delivery.

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Cyb3r35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I cant get my Xbox One saves to transfer over to my Series X either and the all of my progress gone now Ive put 18 hours into it so far. When I loaded up the enhanced update the game started back at the beginning FFS! its a good game but Im sorry there's no way in hell Im going back to the beginning after 18 hours

StarLink34d ago

I was able to transfer my save.

TallDarknWavy33d ago

If you're 18 hours in it's basically over. It took me less time to finish.
Starting at the beginning will be like a whole new story. There's nothing you really unlock by completing, you just do new difficulties and challenges, it's designed to be played multiple times with different decisions.

Profchaos34d ago

I brought the complete edition about a week ago in anticipation of the update played on PC back when it launched glad I didn't start early on PS4 now no way I'd want to start again.

REDGUM34d ago

Ok so, what if I've re started the game on ps5, not much into it say 2hrs or so, will I have to restart also or is it just for those who have ps4 game saves specifically?

Yui_Suzumiya34d ago

Just won't transfer from PS4 to PS5 so you should be all good

Darkborn34d ago

Seems like it's just a save transfer issue. It should be resolved sometime I'd hope. Even an Xbox guy on here said he's having trouble transferring the save file over.

Bathyj34d ago

I'm glad I waited to play this

Imortus_san34d ago

Every day I see news like this I bless smarth delivery.

1nsomniac34d ago

Considering people believe they have a technological god in mark cerny. Sony really, really do struggle with any backend stuff.