Review: For some M-rated games, mature is misnomer

"From "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Metal Gear Solid 4" to "Fallout 3" and "Gears of War 2," the majority of 2008's smartest games have one thing in common (besides numbers in their titles): They're rated M, as in Mature, meaning you have to be 17 or older to buy them.

But an M rating isn't necessarily a guarantee of quality. Less ambitious developers will serve up blood, guts, profanity and maybe even a little nudity to be "edgy," but if they don't deliver rich gameplay and satisfying stories, they aren't likely to hold the interest of adult players. The three games reviewed here earn their M ratings, but may not earn your loyalty."

(GAMES REVIEWED: Left 4 Dead (3/4 Stars), Saints Row 2 (2/4 Stars), and Legendary (1/4 Stars))

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NaiNaiNai3603d ago

im reply with, the writer is a idiot.

iMarcus3603d ago

He actually played Legendary?