Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition: how does PS5 compare to Xbox Series X?

Higher resolution vs a more consistent 60fps.

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LucasRuinedChildhood38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The PS5 having a better framerate and the Series X having a better resolution has been such a common theme so far for this generation.

Are MS telling developers to push the resolution as high as possible or what? I think most Xbox players would much prefer a reduction in resolution to get iron out framerate issues.

Jin_Sakai38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Agreed. Performance is more important than extra pixels. Alex really likes the PS5 version and states it has the best performance.

GamerRN38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Although I agree performance is more important, we are talking 1 or 2 frames here and the resolution is more noticeable that 2 frames...

And with VRR enabled you don't notice anything, so the resolution wins!

Kornholic38d ago

Nothing you said is a lie, yet you get a lot of disagrees. Unbelievable.

gravedigger38d ago


Games are not analyzed with VRR, but how they are made in its purest form. VRR is an Xbox fans excuse when XSX version performs worse than PS5. One hint too : vast majority of gamers doesn't even have VRR supported TVs.

darthv7238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@digger, what do you constitute as being "worse" though? 1-2 frames is inconsequential. 15-20 frames... yeah that would be worse. As it is the X is giving both higher res (clarity) and equivalent fps (performance). Making it the total package(on console). Basically you are getting your $$ worth with the X version, while you will always be missing out on something with the PS5 version.

ReadyPlayer2238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The PS5 dips below 1080p (1015p). Of course it's going to have a high frame rate.

Hell most of the comparisons since the initial release of games have been 100-200 higher p on Xbox, with higher frames on PS5 because it's running at lower resolutions.

seanpitt2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yeah agreed rather have performance than 20% more pixels.. but saying that when I bought my PS5 I never thought I would be playing in sub 1080p but hey at least it’s 60fps

You can tell it’s not it’s not 100% optimised on the ssd with the loading speeds as xbsx being faster…

strifeblade38d ago

The better version on an inferior console? Nice damage control. Sony can't handle high effects at high resolutions. I'll pass on Sony.

Jin_Sakai38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

“The better version on an inferior console? Nice damage control. Sony can't handle high effects at high resolutions. I'll pass on Sony.“

An inferior console? A console is better judged by the content and not just power. PS5 has better games and much better controller haptics. So therefore it’s a better console in my eyes.

Jin_Sakai38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

“The PS5 dips below 1080p (1015p). Of course it's going to have a high frame rate.”

Xbox Series X hits 1134p during the same scene that PS5 hits 1015p. That’s an insignificant difference.

Framerate throughout the game is more solid on PS5 except for one scene. Hence the reason Alex prefers the PS5 version.

JustTheFax38d ago

@Jin_Sakai...wait so having a lower resolution the whole entire game is better than a couple seconds of 1-2fps frame drops in hours and hours of gameplay? Ok!

gravedigger38d ago


How about stuttering mess on Xbox too?

gravedigger38d ago



You can tell it’s not it’s not 100% optimised on the ssd with the loading speeds as xbsx being faster


Em...PS5 also loads faster too. Look at the video. PC is the fastest

Aarontk37d ago

If given the choice in a single-player game I always go with the resolution setting over frame rate (performance). I want all the graphics goodness. The only time I go frame rate is pvp.

northpaws37d ago


Quote from the article
"Similar to Xbox Series X, there can be the odd one-frame drop, but where I found PS5 smoother is in areas where I saw some significant stutter on the Microsoft machine. "

I don't believe significant stutter means 1 or 2 frames.

deadfrag37d ago

Whats happening on the Séries X is an IO stutter,play the game offline and it will Run completly lock @60fps.


The X GPU is more powerful, so it probably feels wasted if it's running at PS5s resolution because it would be a solid 60 with more headroom.

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DarthZoolu38d ago

We have vrr it doesn't have any frame rate issues

jznrpg38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You need a TV with VRR . I have one yeah but they aren’t cheap . Most people aren’t gaming on VRR monitors or TVs . They get the 400$ 55” 4k TVs the most . Really both advantages are negligible in the end . They are both pretty good machines . I like the route Sony went with super speed as loading saves me a lot of time these days . The games will do most of the talking these days as tech is similar but PS can do a lot with that SSD in upcoming games like R&C and level design that will be hard to duplicate for a long time . PCs have to many variances to code for to use the top end SSDs like PS5 has . Next gen I think it will be a standard for both consoles but right now Sony has a leg upon with the SSD . I think Xbox is making an updated console already and Sony may be also . Xbox will copy the controller for sure and possibly the SSD to catch up . But the problem is the stupid Series S . It really is a kink in MS plan . I know they want the budget gamer market and they got it but games will suffer in design regardless if we see it or not . Same with xgen games. The nice part is Sony will switch over and leave PS4 sooner than later but Series S is here for the entire gen . Disappointing move to me .

DarthZoolu38d ago

I didn't know most people didn't have vrr in their TVs as well. It's not very expensive.

Rude-ro38d ago

It does fix screen tearing etc.. but latency in controls comes from these things.
Yes it say “locked” frames... but only in appearance through the screen but can add latency in the actual gameplay because it is not a true frames per second scenario.
It duplicates frames only.

Profchaos38d ago

You need a capable TV to actually take advantage right now.
Vrr is coming to ps5 also but it feels like a crutch or an excuse right now however asking people to buy a expensive TV to get the most out of the console over offering another mode with a very minor resolution drop which would still probably be better than what the ps5 gets is not great.

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Notellin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Series X owner here. Given the choice I'll always pick fps over resolution.

I have had freesync on my monitor so I don't notice drops any longer but would prefer more 120 fps options.

darthv7238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well, as a Series X owner... you actually get both higher res and stable fps. The performance difference between the two (PS5/SX) is inconsequential. Neither is 100% but one is the better all around than the other.

Be proud of that X.

BehindTheRows38d ago

You could be proud of either next gen console, but particularly the one with exclusive games that actually show off its power.

In this case, neither version is a massive step over the other, so both would suffice.

IRetrouk37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The xbox version has stuttering on top of the framerate hitches, no haptics either, one version is not all round better than the all...

gravedigger38d ago

Xbox consoles are stuttering mess, especially XSS

darthv7238d ago

"stuttering mess"... please elaborate. Because DF did not come to that conclusion,

gravedigger38d ago

XSX stutters more than PS5. On PS5 is rare. Both Xboxes stutters like shit, especially XSS

strifeblade38d ago

Trust me a couple dips isn't worth slipping resolution by 20%. There is a reason why with 20% more power- the developers choose to allocate to resolution. We are getting a better experience than Sony users on all fronts and I'm expecting that on all multiplats.


One architecture could be more suited for a given performance facet than the other architecture.

kryteris38d ago

Seems the X should perform better with ray tracing having more cores.

neutralgamer199238d ago


no resolution isn't more noticeable when we are talking about 1440p-1750p, now if one game was 1080P and the other native 4k than you could tell the difference. anything above 1440p at solid 60 is a win. Naked eye can't tell the difference. Solid 60 should be the goal of all games. Since the days of ps3/xbox360 we have been told that games would be able to do 60fps yet here we are on ps4/xsx and still games are struggling to stay at 60fps

Mithan38d ago

I like a solid 60fps. I can't see much difference between high internal rendering variations and true 4k anyways. I mean, I play Demon's Souls on performance mode. Ya, 4k looks a bit better, but once your in the action, you don't notice that extra resolution anyways, but you sure as hell notice the drop from 60fps to 30fps.

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lelo2play38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yep, Xbox got this one, again.

gravedigger38d ago

It didn't. PS5 performs better fps wise and it is not stuttering mess. This is so called 2TF for advantage for XSX?? Hahaha. That advantage is pure crap

lelo2play38d ago


Sure! Keep on fighting the good fight. Sooner or later you get a award.

Bathyj38d ago

Yeah and if you hold your breathe until Xbox shows this alleged power delta, you get a blue face.

wiz719138d ago

@gravedigger just like the spew that SSD supposed to be ultra fast , how’s that panning out so far ?? I didn’t know 1-2 frame-drops are stuttering mess.

wiz719138d ago

@bathyj the series X loads faster but the PS5 had a faster SSD ..

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DarXyde37d ago

Meaning you won't miss with either?


I really hate the hyper-competitiveness. Sounds to me like they both run well and look good. If one version was a glitchy mess, I could see the point in focusing on that, but these comparisons are really making things worse.

JEECE38d ago

It's weird to me that with both games using the same dynamic resolution system, that the SX version would maintain higher resolution at the cost of more frequent frame drops. Maybe they do these targets assuming enough SX owners will have VRR capable screens (which of course is irrelevant for PS5 at the moment, unfortunately). If that is factored in, I can understand if they decided to push resolution a bit more, even at a slight performance cost.

akaFullMetal38d ago

That's ridicules, what is the adoption rate for Vrr at this point? 10 Percent if we are lucky, every one else, well enjoy the infrequent drops in frames? I'm sorry , not trying to make fun of you, but that makes no sense.

GamerRN38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Any high end TV after 2019 has it, so honestly it's better than you realize. Probably about the same adoption rate as the Series X itself, if not better...

One can simply add up just Samsung q90r, q90r and q90a sales and see there are plenty out there

MetalProxy38d ago

My tv has Vrr but it also cost me over 2k…so yeah. Most usual suspects won’t have it at all. I guarantee it

JEECE38d ago

That's a good point. I didn't know the adoption rate was so low...I would have guessed that it would have been higher among the group of people who are early console adopters. But otherwise I can see little reason why the resolution wouldn't just scale bit lower to prevent frame drops.

DarthZoolu38d ago

They said that the frame drops weren't a big issue in that they doubt the untrained eye would even notice them unless you had a lot of them back to back.

NeoGamer23238d ago

There is a lot playing into this for the first two years of a console cycle.

First everyone is trying to understand the hardware and differences between hardware.

Second, and probably even bigger is that the firmware/OS/development tools for the new systems can have performance degradation bugs.

curtain_swoosh37d ago

vrr tvs are expensive and only a small fraction of ppl plays on monitors.

i personally know no one who has either of those two. they have 4k tvs yes but they're not super expensive.

b777conehead37d ago

I have one my leg oled 2019 model has it

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F0XH0UND92237d ago

I know! Kind of crazy that a system that is a "beast" can't even outperform the "weaker" console. Oh, indeed

ufo8mycat38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Pathetic on both consoles.

The fact PS5 goes below 1080p is beyond pathetic. Performance over resolution all depends on how bad the frame rate is and how low the resolution drops. Since the Series X only drops frames here and there, but at least maintains 1080p.
On PS5 its a blurry mess but at least you got adaptive triggers, I guess

Raytracing and these “new” consoles dont mix

Now you will have people on here saying lower then 1080p is acceptable, when just a few months ago anything below 1600p was blasphemy

Highrevz38d ago

I know it’s not possible with this title but it’s always nice to have a variety of performance modes and options.

I still think this update is amazing and given the choice I would be opting for the ray tracing on this game, even on the series S. if the game was 30FPS with raytracing then my option would be different.

SlothLordPootus38d ago

I would say as long as 1080p (give or take) isn't the norm, it's fine. It sounds like it really only drops like that briefly in some select areas, though the typical resolution isn't as high as I would hope either. The worst part that they brought up was the XSS , they specified that it can go down to 512p? That is drastic. And I definitely wouldn't want to play that. I do wish they had different modes to select, though in the developer interview they said they just wanted to keep it at "4k" 60 fps. At least the performance is fairly solid on all of them.

gravedigger38d ago

Alex mentioned 1015p is lowest for PS5 which is sub 1080p, but also XSX dropped to 1080p, which isn't far off.

MetalProxy38d ago

I played it late last night. Looked fairly crisp and didn’t seem that bad at all. Weird that it’s actually that low. Wouldn’t have known unless you told me lol

seanpitt2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

This game was not build from the ground up on these current gen consoles they have just maxed out everything and then downscaled certain settings to get it to run at 60pfs plus the ray tracing is very demanding but if this was built from the ground up they would get better results.. plus with that new amd dlss equivalent we will see some better results in the future…

But I agree sub 1080p on a 4K tv will not look good but it’s only far few and between, but I will be playing it tomorrow so I can find out first hand

AnnaDea38d ago

Talking like a true fanboy.

Fighting over which system has the rarest lowest point in resolution... You know what they really said?

" On Xbox Series X, the rare minimums were in the region of 1080p - PlayStation 5 will dip lower at the highest stress points. In terms of typical resolutions in the open world, the Sony machine operates between 1296p and 1512p, while Series X runs in similar scenarios at 1512p to 1728p."

In general so do xbox have the upper hand by having it's lowest points as PS5 highest points.

But instead did you concentrate on the most irrelevant of facts.

Banthis37d ago

You are totally right. Console fanboys (not regular users) are die hard defending their subpar box.
Remember when the eyes couldn't see 60fps?
Remember when consoles were ahead any PC available?
Remember when blah blah blah build around SSD?

As you say, 1080p was offensive pre-launch. Now, going lower than 1080p is all of the sudden great to 'keep the 60fps' that the eyes suddenly can see now.

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