RaidenBlack1077d ago

This sure looked pretty impressive and they even offered a deep dive.

Army_of_Darkness1077d ago

This game looks fantastic! Probably the only Xbox Series X game I want to play.

1077d ago
ABizzel11077d ago

Agreed, probably game of their show for me. Forza and Stalker 2.

TheColbertinator1077d ago

Not Japan but sure looks tempting

Jin_Sakai1077d ago

Literally the only game that wowed me during the show.

CaptainHenry9161077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

This and Outerworlds 2 did it for me

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King_Noctis1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

You didn’t watch the entire show?

1077d ago
alb18991077d ago

To think that this game will be on Gamepass day one is just crazy