E3 2021 - Our Expectations | Roundtable

With E3 approaching like the god of death, the writers for VGUTV talk about their expectations for this year's show.

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RaidenBlack53d ago

That's a dream Wishlist, except the Saints Row V part.
My dream wishlist would be:
New next-gen exclusive Splinter Cell Sequel/Reboot or SC1 Remake
Konami comeback: 3rd party collab - Silent Hill, MGS and maybe a soulslike Castlevania
New F.E.A.R. from Monolith 4. New KOTOR project announcement
New next-gen exclusive Deus Ex reveal from Eidos Montreal
New next-gen exclusive Brothers in Arms reveal from Gearbox
UE5 powered next-gen Darksiders 4 announcement tease from Gunfire Games


Switch Pro rumor, no longer a rumor I hope 😁 And I really hope there is some Metroid Prime 4 gameplay trailer.