Starfield Leaked Screenshots Show Ship Interiors, Reveals Different Factions

Starfield has been a minefield of leaks recently going as far as being a part of the official Bethesda survey. New screenshots have emerged for the game.

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LordoftheCritics28d ago

Another Star.... something is beginning to get anxious.

King_Noctis27d ago

What is beginning to get anxious?

27d ago
Obscure_Observer27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"Another Star.... something is beginning to get anxious."


Anyway... Jeff Grubb confirmed that Starfield will be an Xbox and PC exclusive.

And water is wet. :)

Amazing new IP for Xbox is coming boys and girls. *_*

dekke27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

actually its gamepass exclusive, so it will be on where ever gp is including phones ^^

Obscure_Observer27d ago


It´s called Xbox Ecosystem. ;)

And play a game like Starfield on mobile? Ugh.

To each his own I guess.

LordoftheCritics27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Somehow I assumed people would guess it was Star Citizen.

TheTony31627d ago

Jeff Grubb also said that Cyberpunk would launch day 1 on Gamepass...

Lazerdone27d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves with the amazing

CaptainHenry91627d ago (Edited 27d ago )

This is what I got from the tweet?

I'm Jeff. And y'all, I don't mean I'm confirming it for Microsoft, I mean I've confirmed it in terms of my reporting.

Quote Tweet

Lavariz Streams


· 16h

Replying to @JeffGrubb

Not to sound rude but who are you and why are you the one who can confirm that?

We should let Phil Spencer and Microsoft confirm it and not Jeff 😁. Regardless, hopefully they optimize the PC version

Father__Merrin27d ago

who is jeff grubb? does he work for microsoft or bethesda?

ForwardDude27d ago

That and Cyberpunk 2077 still a Xbox store exclusive too. For all we know, they will be at the same level of quality: Witcher 3 being vastly better than Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077 should be vastly better than Starfield too.

Vengeance113827d ago

What exactly makes it automatically amazing? All anyone knows is it's set in space and features ships...

Amazing? Not yet, amazing potential? Absolutely.

Obscure_Observer27d ago


"What exactly makes it automatically amazing? All anyone knows is it's set in space and features ships..."

It´s a BETHESDA game! First new IP in 22 years! A quick look on the HUD´s left icon and I know that something UNIQUE is coming gameplay wise! A new level of PHISICS!

This game is gonna be HUGE!

I´m expecting this game to be all that Star Citzen, Dead Space, Mass Effect and even the unborn now canceled SCI-FI Open World game from Santa Monica to be and MORE.

Got your hype levels and check? Good.

I´m hyped and I know this game is gonna be amazing! ;)

CaptainHenry91626d ago

@obscure Obscure

You mean Starfield will be Fallout 76 in space. There I fixed it for you

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"You mean Starfield will be Fallout 76 in space. There I fixed it for you"

Lol. This comment won´t age well. XD

So now you have confirmation that Starfield is a multiplayer game and a "Fallout" clone on the top of it?


Don´t you ever let me see you hyped for this game. XD

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King_Noctis27d ago

“ Somehow I assumed people would guess it was Star Citizen.”

What does Star Citizen have anything to do with Starfield? They both are being developed by two very different developers.

LordoftheCritics27d ago

Let's just say they may be sharing the same space.

Doesn't matter who develops it.

Anomander27d ago

Except one is actually going to come out and another is milking people for cash and will be lucky to come out. Entirely two different Spaces.

King_Noctis27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

“ Let's just say they may be sharing the same space.”

How? Star Citizen is a crowd-funded multiplayer game developing by a studio with no prior record, while Starfield is a single-player Bethesda game backing up by Microsoft. How can both share anything?

“Doesn't matter who develops it.”

So using your logic, are devs like Naughty Dogs the same to Cloud Imperium Games? Are devs like Rockstar the same to CIG? Are devs like Nintendo the same to CIG?

LordoftheCritics27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lol you still dont get it.

Its an ongoing joke that what if someone makes a game like Star Citizen before Star Citizen releases.

This is not even a topic about the devs. Its screenshots revealing ship interiors which people were speculating a long time ago and that could mean some kind of space travel or similar and thats where the whole Star Citizen/Starfield convo started a while back. I have no idea how this is about the devs at all.

Sharing the space as in sharing the space of a similar kind of game. That's what it means.

PrinceOfAnger27d ago

Star citizen has a single-player btw named squadron 42.

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Aquafiniac28d ago

I love Bethesda but I hope it’s not a fallout in space.

For example, outer world. I enjoyed it a lot but it was just like fall out but a little bit worse.
Not saying I don’t like fallout but kind of want something different.

CaptainHenry91627d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Well what did you expect 🤔😀😂 Bethesda been slacking for a while now. The fanboys keeps hyping this game up.

27d ago
CaptainHenry91627d ago

What does Sony have to do with my comment?🤔

TheRealTedCruz27d ago

Bethesda has been releasing some of the best selling titles for years now.

There's a reason for the hype.

Yes. Fallout 76 exists. That doesn't make their prior titles magically disappear.

NeoGamer23227d ago

Bethesda has not been slacking lately. Doom Eternal is probably the best Doom ever and was nominated for GOTY. They resurrected Wolfenstein last generation and it was great although the last game of was an experimental side story flop. Fallout 4 was a solid entry in the franchise. Fallout 76 was the only real legitimate garbage last gen but even that has improved a lot. Evil Within was a solid new IP last gen. And Elder Scrolls Online has become very successful. Prey and Dishonored made successful comebacks. And Rage 2 was an average game. Even Quake Champions on PC is good. I don't know how you can say Bethesda is slacking. They were a third party last gen. I don't think many third parties took as many chances as they did last generation, built up more studios, and did as much as Bethesda did last gen. Overall for the generation for their main single player story games I would give them an A+. For their side story games I would give them a C+, and for their online stuff I would give them a B. I wish more publishers/studios would be as committed to single player games as Bethesda is.

Death Loop and Ghostwire will start this gen off for Bethesda. Both look to be decent games although it is still hard to tell but at least they are trying new stuff. And then Starfield and Elder Scroll VI neither of which has gameplay really yet, but Elder Scrolls IV and V were both GOTY contenders/winners. And Starfield is a new IP and we don't know too much about its gameplay so really hard to judge right now.

27d ago
CaptainHenry91627d ago (Edited 27d ago )


I have to admit I was thinking about Fallout 76. They also need to update their game engine


Just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself 😂😁 this article has nothing to do with Sony games. Deathloop is a Bethesda game that's releasing on PS5 🤔

Tedakin27d ago

Sony was trying to get the game exclusive when MS bought out Bethesda. Clearly they thought it was something special ;)

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jukins27d ago

Why wouldnt it be fallout/elder scrolls in space. Its what they do

Aquafiniac27d ago

Yeah but look at guirlla games
Kill zone to horizon.
Or insomniac or BioWare . Something different.
I want to see their creative side you know. It wouldn’t be bad but I’m just saying

jukins27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I hear ya but its Bethesda i dont see this being some linear action focused game. Factions have already leaked. Which is basically a part of every bethesda open world game. Which leads me to beleive, like other bethesda games, youll be traveling to different hubs/places where you can do a bunch of quests gather materials etc etc etc.

And the fact that sony attempted to get timed exclusiviety also leads me to beleive its a massive open world game. They have plenty of 3rd pwrson open world action centric titles released and coming. A bethesda style open world would fill a void sony has.

Aquafiniac27d ago

True and if the rumor is true, that naughty dog is working on a open world space game, that would be dope.
Maybe that’s why Sony was trying to get time exclusive. So they can have both space theme games.
I could also see this as multiplatform.
That’s what I would do if I was MS.
Take Sony’s money while still putting it on Xbox. That’s a win win right there.

jukins27d ago

I think its santa monica who may be doing the space sci fi game. Could be one that got shelved for 2018 gow or a a completely new idea who knows.

27d ago
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-Gespenst-27d ago

There's not a doubt in my mind that it will be TES / Fallout in space. No reason to think otherwise.

Michiel198927d ago

im not sure why that would be such a bad thing, fallout is different enough from elder scrolls to feel fresh for me. Yes i would like for them to reinvent the wheel, but ill be more than happy its its elder scrolls in space, as long as its a good game.

-Foxtrot28d ago

I hope despite being set in Space and the like you still have one big main map.

I thought something like the Outer Worlds was good but having to travel constantly to different hubs, and only by travelling all away back to your ship to select the new destination, was a little annoying. When you were doing missions and you had the types of missions which dotted you from one hub to the other, it was a bit of a ballache.

Least with a single map you can walk around and explore more freely

Orchard28d ago

Hype for this game is through the roof - I really hope it lives up to expectations. It may be the first must have exclusive for XSX.

E3 is going to be interesting - under a month away now!

ThePacemaker28d ago

Its coming out on PC day 1 as well. So it is not “Xbox exclusive”.

And yeah I will grab it on PC.

iplay1up228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Sony is releasing 41 games on Steam. Your point? Microsoft bad/Sony good. 🤣🤣🤣

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ThePacemaker By exclusive I meant in the console space - same way I still consider HZD, DG, DS etc, a PS exclusive.

Glad to hear you’re planning on picking it up though - whether on Xbox or PC, I’m confident it’s going to be a good experience - and good to support Zenimax on making new IP’s.

I’ll likely be playing it on both since it’ll be in game pass for both - assuming I can get my hands on an Xbox in time, and assuming that it has cross saves between both.

@iplay1up2 Yeah I don’t really understand the logic. People think MS/Sony releasing on PC somehow devalues Xbox/PS or that buying on PC is somehow avoiding supporting those platforms/companies - but when you buy a Sony or MS game on PC… guess where your money goes…

Aquafiniac28d ago

Your trolling is straight ass lol.
Remember when trolls actually had the correct facts.

1. He never mentioned Sony
2. There isn’t 41 games in steam 🤦🏽. There is like 3 with the rest DLC 🤦🏽.

So much fail in one post lmao.

27d ago
franwex27d ago

By now we should all know that PC is like some sort a neutral ground regarding the console war you people have between PlayStation/Xbox.

DiRtY27d ago

Okay, you make it sound like Microsoft doesn’t want you to buy their game on PC...

Pricey27d ago


This person thinks releasing day one on PC devalues Xbox/PC ecosystems. In the case of gamepass it would also need to be released at at least half the price.

Shinkus27d ago

You're 100% right, it's not an Xbox exclusive, just like horizon, days gone, death stranding aren't exclusive to ps. I don't get why people have such a hard time accepting when something is or isn't an exclusive.

SirBruce27d ago

And mobile... and tablets... and browsers... and some TV sets... It will be everywhere but Switch and PlayStation. That's good news. Everybody will be able to play it... for a price of 1$/month.

TheRealTedCruz27d ago

Microsoft exclusive.
Does that help you accept knowing it's not coming to other consoles?

RazzerRedux27d ago


"Microsoft exclusive. "

It isn't Microsoft exclusive. It is going to be sold on Steam. You know quite well that Steam is not a Microsoft platform.

"Does that help you accept knowing it's not coming to other consoles?"

ThePacemaker made a factual statement. It is not Xbox exclusive at all. But once again, you are resorting to the console war you chide others for engaging in.

jznrpg27d ago

@iplay1up2 It’s like 37 dlcs and 4 games

27d ago
RazzerRedux27d ago

"except steam is on an Ms platform"

Windows is an open platform, "little guy". Valve pays Microsoft nothing to be on Windows. Microsoft pays Valve 30% for every game it sells on Steam. This idea that a game on Steam somehow makes it a "Microsoft exclusive" is just nonsense.

Michiel198927d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@razzer ok microsoft console exclusive then, u happy now grammar nazi? sad to see people try to avoid admitting is an xbox CONSOLE exclusive, resorting to "you didnt type it exactly right". we all know its coming to pc now, we all know its not coming to ps (if this rumour stuff is correct), so we all know what people mean in this instance with xbox exclusive. try saying xbox exclusive 3 times in a row, maybe youll get used to it eventually.

just dont say that to the mirror or Biggie Smalls and Phil Spencer will come to murder you.

RazzerRedux27d ago

@Michiel1989 obviously do not know the difference between correcting someone's facts and correcting their grammar. I don't correct grammar because I'm just as likely to make mistakes as anyone.

Simple fact: Starfield is no more an Xbox exclusive than it is a PC exclusive. If I called it a PC exclusive, Xbox fans would lose their shit. can't have it both ways. Call it console exclusive or don't use the damn word at all. This isn't hard.

Michiel198926d ago

@razzer u just proved my point. you are argueing because someone didnt write it exactly right. Did you also correct everyone when someone said ff7R was a ps exclusive instead of a "1 year timed ps console exclusive". I know what spelling is, i know what grammar is. I also never said u were wrong, yes you are the one that typed it correctly but you are also the one that starts petty arguments when someone says xbox exclusive instead of xbox console exclusive while we all know what that person means in the context of this article.

and i u really wanna start nitpicking, you arent factually right because its not even on official statement its made by some guy (journalist) and not the company that actually, you know...makes the game.

RazzerRedux26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


If you know what spelling and grammar is then why are you yapping at me about correcting grammar? I am addressing the actual things people say, not their "typing". If you want to whine about petty arguments then start with your own silly post.

"Did you also correct everyone when someone said ff7R was a ps exclusive instead of a "1 year timed ps console exclusive"."

I don't know that I've been involved in much FF7 discussions at all as I've explicitly stated I'm waiting on the PC version, which is as much of acknowledgement of the game being timed exclusive as you can get. Have I corrected folks claiming games like Horizon, Days Gone, etc. are PS exclusives? Hell yes, I have. Console gamers like to throw around the word "exclusive" so easily they try to pretend PC doesn't exist. Even you with your "you know what we mean" bullshit. If you are butthurt that folks like ThePacemaker and myself remind them that the PC version does exist then you'll just have to be butthurt.

I also acknowledged that Starfield would be exclusive to Xbox and PC after Phil Spencer announced that Bethesda games would be exclusive to place where Game Pass exists. That is Xbox and PC. So I didn't need Jeff Grubb to tell me that. Now unless we get new info from Phil Spencer I'm going with what he has said.

Any more petty arguments you want to start?

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TheTony31627d ago


"Sony is releasing 41 games on Steam. Your point? Microsoft bad/Sony good. 🤣🤣🤣 "

That includes DLC. Right now there are 3 games and 21 DLC items = 24

alb189928d ago

I'm waiting to see more.