Metro Exodus vs Enhanced Edition: Graphical comparison shows better reflections and lighting system

The German portal GameStar published a video comparing the graphics of the original Metro Exodus with graphics from the enhanced version. The original Metro Exodus was tested at maximum ray-traced graphics settings to compete with the Enhanced Edition. Judging by the video, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has undergone a significant change.

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bacano45d ago

I'm loving what they made here. Maybe it's the first RT implementation that is both noticeable but subtle. Indeed, light spreads in a more realistic way now. And personally I don't think it spoils the dark ambience of Metro, actually it reduces the contrast in most parts making it more uniform. Beatiful.

D3TH_D33LR45d ago

Can’t wait to play through this again on my 3080 after playing it on a pspro the first go around!