Can God of War continue after God of War III?

God of War sets out to "explain why there are no greek gods anymore", and judging from what we already know about God of War III (though it's very little), it seems as though Kratos will finally get his revenge on the Gods of Olympus, and if he does, what is left for the God of War series and can it continue?

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Rick AstIey3701d ago

They'll find a way. God of War is one of Sony's biggest, most memorable franchises.

JoySticksFTW3701d ago

Imagine Kratos versus Thor, Loki, Hela, Odin... man, the possibilities :)

Bubble Buddy3701d ago

I'd say finish it off with God of War 3. As much as I love God of War, I just want the story to finally end so I can have the full set :). I wouldn't mind if they did a side story like Chains of Olympus though.

JsonHenry3701d ago

Then it can explain Norse Gods. Then Egyptian. Then Druid gods. The list goes on and on.

SuperM3701d ago

hehe well that would be sort of awesome if they did. But it might just get a little repetetive, like in this game we kill all the norse gods, and then in this game all the egyptian gods etc... I do love Norse mythology though (probably partially because im norwegian) so id love to see some of that.

Doppy3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I was going to say that, maybe Kratos could fight the Romans or Thor, Loki etc..., but you beat me to it.

If not then I think Sony will move on to something new (Heavenly Sword 2 or something truly new like one of my game ideas).

ShinMaster3701d ago


Beast_Master3701d ago

One word dumba$$.....TITANS!!! Kratos is fighting on their behalf for 2 and 3. So he frees them from the Gods and then what do you think, the team at Santa Monica couldn't possibly find a story line where the Titans betray Kratos as well? Kratos vs. Atlas, Jupiter etc.. What about Kratos vs. Hercules? There are plenty of Mythical beings to kill! Plus if I remember Kratos has died twice already and been brought back to life, so why couldn't the Gods come back as well?

Here is the storyline: Kratos kills all the gods in 3. Then in 4 The Titans betray him. So he has to go to Hatties and rescue Zues and other gods to help him defeat the Titans.

Point is there is a lot more material to pull out of this story considering they are making it up as they go.

callahan093701d ago

Yeah. They made God of War: Chains of Olympus, didn't they? That's a prequel. It was a great game. They did it once, they'll do it again. If they want to make more awesome God of War action, they'll do it as a prequel and we'll happily accept it as long as the gameplay is good.


Ending on number 3 should be a good thing. Everyone seems to attempt to bleed franchises dry nowadays. Let the 3rd be a cracking finale to the series and let it be that.. or kratos will have a fate similar to sonic.....

Elimin83701d ago

Is a stupid question... Think of the possibilities, and all those other mythical characters, God or creature alike that hasn't been explored yet. if they stop at three thats fine. don't like the milking of games too much, Unless the end result is great

pain777pas3701d ago

Of course it can prequels like controling Zeus or something would be cool but as far as controlling Kratos we'll just have to wait and see.

spooky2053700d ago

sony-" norse mythology here we come "

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gw4k3701d ago

YES! Just as with MS and Halo, the games will continue! Sony will not let an IP such as this go down. It will return!

PirateThom3701d ago

Kratos explodes all of the Greek Gods and then goes onto the Roman Gods. :P

And before some smart cookie speaks up, yes, I know, they're the same.

sinncross3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )


As for other mythologies, I can see that happening, but they would have to be hinted at in GoW3.

Personally I'd rather the series end, with another spin off on the PSP coming, and then having the team working on a new, albeit similar, IP and telling a new story.

ultimolu3701d ago

Why not?

The series rocks.

mikeslemonade3701d ago

God of War 4: Extreme Chariot Racing. it would blow Motorostorm out of the water.

ultimolu3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Lmfao...I can't imagine Kratos on a chariot. o-O
He'll kill everyone on the road. xD

LokMessier3701d ago

For a variety of reasons:

Many of my reasons can be found in this:
Wikipedia article of the Greek mythological gods and goddess. I mean that alone could show how much they could expand the God of War series. I mean say Kratos doesn't defeat Zeus in three and we are left with a cliffhanger of Zeus calling these other gods and goddess into the picture, while Kratos uses the titens. Then four starts and we have the other gods and goddess turn on Zeus and his company to try and gain power, while Kratos tries to defeat Zeus just as well, both probably trying to gain power. Then they come to notice each other and a three way war comes about. Their could be a lot of heavy fighting and a great story intertwined within' God of War if all of this happened, but damn it may be a lot of titles and would take forever to finish o_o.

SuperM3701d ago

But God of War3 is supposed to explain why there are no more greek gods, so no, aint happening

LokMessier3701d ago

Uh there are more than just those Greek gods and goddess though...?

[which is why I put the wiki article, unless they are looking to just the ones that history tells of and leaving aside all the other minor ones.]

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