Killzone Shadow Fall in 2021

Zahi AR. From Link Cable Gaming writes “Welcome back Link Cable Gaming followers, to the never-ending fight between the ISA and Helghast in Killzone: Shadow Fall. A PlayStation 4 exclusive and initial launch title, Killzone Shadow Fall was met favourably at release. While not the best title in the franchise, Killzone 2 was followed by Killzone 3, it did expand the series’ scope. But I wanted to see how this PlayStation 4 launch title does in today’s generation of consoles. How does this classic launch title line up?”

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darthv7296d ago

I'd love for GG to revisit this series and make a proper KZ4 but I'm in no hurry.

purple10196d ago

I'm dying for it.

I also think... Although ps has quality Games at a rate of 2 per year. Sometimes 3 or 4 blockbusters add to that ps+ freebies such as wipeout omega collection. Such as bugsmax. Such as destructionstars. The list goes on. Then smaller or shorter games. Such as concrete genie &.dreams.

So by no means is there a dearth of games, (far far from it)…I do feel they need a big FPS to seal the deal. Halo is coming after all.

Halo is now, whichever way you want to call it, it's technically old hat. In regards to still running on a modified quake 3 physics engine. ( Up to now at least a year) -i've played quake 3, to death, 20 years ago.

I also played halo 2, 3 and reach, to death and while i thourghly enjoyed them, all of them, at the time at least. I'm now finished playing Xbox, as between myself , plus a small circle of 3 or 4 friends, we had at least 8 red ringed consoles, that went in the trash, this made game night's incredibly annoying.

We used to carry TVs and consoles to a friend's and team up with 4 people in the room on 4 separate console / telly's! Was great fun! But that time has gone.

So to sum up.. sony don't need a halo killer. But many of its fans long for KILLZONE 4 to show it's cards, pop its head over the fence to say hi, so to speak.

Perhaps I can recreate those game night's again in 4k with no lag (internet has moved on since then)

Hellghast be damned!

bouzebbal96d ago

We want KZ 4,not a spin off like this one was.. I loved every single one, but SF felt short imo.. I still platinumed it

UltraNova95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Meanwhile, I'd definitely buy a remastered KZ collection for ps5. Hell, I'd buy a KZ2 full-on remake by Bluepoint in a heartbeat!

RaidenBlack96d ago

As for Sony's PC re-release plan. This is a great candidate.
First off its an FPS, so the game'll feel right at home and its also old, so it won't bother PS fans much.
And the renewed interest/popularity might benefit in convincing Sony/Guerilla to revisit the franchise.

RaiderNation96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Actually what I would like is a complete reboot. I think this franchise would be a great candidate for a reboot. Considering how far Guerilla Games has come in terms of story telling and character development, I would love to see them take what they have learned from developing Horizon Zero Dawn and apply that to a new version of Killzone for the new generation based on the engine they are using for Horizon Forbidden West.

darthv7295d ago

A reboot would be good. Start from the beginning but expand even more on the back story. The PS3 remaster of the PS2 game was okay, but to think if they give it a full remake treatment (like ratchet & clank and shadow of colossus) then it could set things up for a full resurgence in the series.

RaiderNation95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


Agreed. And have more nuanced characters this time. The old, over the-top, F word every 3rd word jar head military guys and the stereotypical "twist the mustache" villains just do not cut it anymore in 2021.

Neonridr96d ago

It's funny, I never played any of the KZ titles prior to the PS4 since I never owned a Playstation before that. But I played Shadow Fall and actually enjoyed it. Maybe it was the worst of the series (I wouldn't know as I have only ever played the Vita title too), but I had a good time. *shrug*

RaiderNation94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Shadowfall was designed to be a graphical showpiece for the PS4 at launch and it was very successful in doing so. In fact, graphically it still holds up extremely well even today. Plus on PS5 it runs at a rock solid 60fps. The game itself is okay but it doesn't hold up compared to other fps games like Titanfall 2, Wolfenstein, Metro: Exodus, Borderlands 3, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2, etc.

moriarty188996d ago

Shadow fall was a good game. GG should have make another Killzone imo.

badz14995d ago

it actually is. it was unfairly too harshly reviewed by reviewers getting out of touch with reality back then. they were expecting too much from Next gen and KZSF suffered in the reviews, not because it was a bad game - FAR FROM IT, but because they thought it doesn't have any "next-gen gameplay" which was and still a ridiculous claim!

waverider96d ago

I was really impressed with KZ2. I think it was amazing what GG was able to do with the PS3. Also think that the Killzone Universe is really Cool.


Shadow fall was basically just a tech demo for what they could do. It was still pretty fun, and I hope they give us another killzone for ps5.

crazyCoconuts95d ago

it has a full campaign and fleshed out multiplayer...hardly a tech demo though it did look stunning

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